Design Ideas for Custom Gift Packaging

A set of personalized candy boxes is a great way to add a unique touch to your Christmas candy or other holiday gifts. These packaging ideas make fun projects for kids and can double as extra decorations.

Box Templates

These templates already include designs to spice up your decorative boxes. They are easy to print and apply to standard box designs, and you can add clip art to personalize them further.

False Wood

Faux wood packaging is a classic example of a design that is perfect for holiday candy bark. You can wrap it in clear packaging so that the recipient can appreciate the unique patterns of the bark-like container.

Personal Labels

If the candy you’re giving has a unique shape or texture, such as a honeycomb, you can put it in clear cellophane and use a festive gift label to add that personal touch to it instead of focusing on the packaging itself.

Chip-Wood Candy Boxes

Chip-wood boxes make great packaging for various kinds of brittle candy. The textures of the candy and the box go well together and pull everything into a similar theme.

Ribbon Boxes

Stock card templates make excellent gift boxes. You can use cut-outs or designs online to fold the cards into shapes that you think the recipient will enjoy, and it’s easy to make boxes of various sizes for all your needs.

Flavor Stamps

If you’re putting toffee or other candies into an envelope for your recipient, flavor stamps are a fun, tasty way to close the buttons on the packaging. You can choose from chocolates, hazelnuts, dried cherries, rice, pretzels, and more. Most small candies can act as closures for packaging that traditionally uses buttons.

Candy Shop Packaging

If you’d like to give a gift that looks like it came right out of an old-style candy shop, all you really need are a few jars. Pickle or spaghetti jars are excellent examples of the types you can use to store jelly beans, peppermint sticks, or candy foils. They make great holiday decorations while your recipients can eat the candies at their leisure.

Santa Boxes

Any box that has a vague egg shape to it can become a fun Santa storage unit with just a little glitter, paint, art, and a few accessories. You can fill his belly with the candy of your choice, and the recipient will have a new, reusable Christmas decoration.

Personal Packages

Take those old cardboard boxes you have in storage and turn them into fun gift containers. You only need some wrapping paper and a bit of glue to turn a simple box into one that is both festive and decorative. Traditional wrapping paper works well, but you can use special arts and crafts paper or even wallpaper to get the look you want.

Custom Containers

If you have some boxes with lids that lift off, you can paint them in the color of your choice, add some decorations, or put a family photo on top of the lid as a decoration.

Decoupage Boxes

You can place custom imagery on over silver paper and add those pictures to wooden boxes for a decoupaged effect.

Gift Bags

You probably have some plain paper bags from shopping sitting around in a closet somewhere. Take these out and dress them up with beads, ribbons, and other party supplies to make a custom gift bag. Party supply stores may stock bags in various colors as well.