Candy Boxes: How To Make A Beautiful Candy Box In Only Five Minutes

If you are into making your delicious candy to give to family and friends as gifts, would it be great to know how to make beautiful candy boxes to show off your scrumptious treats? In a few steps, you can make a cute candy box in five minutes. Making beautiful candy boxes is also an excellent activity for you and your children to make together.

A handmade gift box is a fun craft project for children. No matter what the special occasion, it easy to make your gift box. Once your gift box is created, stock up on your favorite candies and attach a message to your gift box. The gift box is simple to make at home. Get your family involved in this creative endeavor.

Required Materials

Most of these materials you might already have at home. If not, you will need handmade paper, scissors, scale, cutter, satin ribbon, adhesive, a pencil, and decorative mirrors.

Procedure To Make Your Candy Box

The first step is to take an A4 size paper with measurements of 21 cm in width and measure 21 cm in length also.

After you completed the first step, measure along the length of the paper. With a ruler, make little markings at measurements of 7 cm each. By making these markings, it will make it easier to make three rows and three columns containing three squares each. After step two has been completed, cut out the remaining paper strip.

Next, make diagonals in the four squares of the extreme most corners of the paper. After you have made the diagonals, make a crease vertically and a crease horizontally along the lines drawn. Now you should have four creases.

After you have made the four creases, fold the outermost squares into a triangle. This step should give your paper a box shape. Now, repeat the process with the other three squares.

After making the crease in every corner, paste the paper together to hold the box shape, using an adhesive.

Making The Lid The Candy Box

Using a sheet of handmade paper in the shade lighter than the paper in the box. Mark the sheet of handmade paper and mark 9 cm along the length and width of the paper. With your cutter, cut out a square of the same dimensions.

After you have completed these steps, make a 1 cm marking on each corner of the paper. After making the markings, draw lines on all four sides. You should now have a 1 cm square in each corner.

Now you can cut the squares from one side as to fold the sides in; Now you lid in ready to place on top of your candy box. Decorate your box and wrap the box on all four sides. A large satin ribbon could be wrapped on all four sides and then place a large bow on top of the box.

Now the final touch! Decorate your candy box with decorative mirrors or other craft items of your choice. If it’s Valentine Day, hearts, or birthday, small colored candles.


This handy gift box can be used for a variety of occasions. Just customize your outside gift box decorations to the reason you are using it. From Christmas gifts boxes to Valentine Day gift boxes, with these steps within five minutes you can have your unique handmade gift box.