Tips To Follow When A Move Includes A Home Gym

Individuals planning a summer home relocation can find that a particular set of problems are added to their task when it becomes necessary to move home gym equipment such as exercise bikes and treadmills. Now that it is summer, which is the time many people decide to change residences, is upon us, it is important to remember the following tips when executing a move that includes home gym equipment.

Cleaning And Preparation

Before packing and moving the home gym it is important to clean and sanitize all equipment. This will prevent the transferral of bacteria from the old residence to the new one while improving the look of the home gym once set up in its new location. Flat surfaces like yoga mats should be wiped down with paper towels and cleaning solutions and rags should be used for handrails and surfaces of large gym equipment like weight machines and stationary bikes.

Moving Yoga Equipment

It is wise to begin with the smaller items when packing a home gym for relocation. Yoga mats and accessories like towels and blankets should be the first things packed. It is also important to secure cardboard boxes that are large enough to contain the yoga equipment without a problem.

Moving Dumbbells And Hand Weights

The pertinent point to remember when transporting heavier weight equipment is to choose boxes and containers that are sturdy enough to handle the weight of their cargo. Smaller boxes tend to work best with weights as larger ones are often easier to break. Plastic bins are also good to use when moving weights.

Moving Larger Home Gym Equipment

Stationary bikes, elliptical machines, and treadmills are often quite heavy and careful planning is needed to execute moves of these items. The following general rules should be helpful when moving these pieces of equipment and owner’s manual for these pieces of equipment may also provide helpful information.


  • Inclines should be reset to zero and the safety key should be removed
  • Machine should be powered off
  • Fold walking deck against console and make sure a click is heard
  • Assure walking deck is secure
  • Using moving blankets or other soft material to cushion equipment


  • Once machine is unplugged unscrew all parts from machine that is possible
  • Parts should be wrapped in moving blankets and labeled before being either placed in original packaging, large cardboard boxes, or plastic bins

Stationary Bikes:

  • Moving bikes should be unplugged if electric and protected when packing with moving blankes
  • Position something beneath the bike when moving to protect floors or carpets from being scratched or damaged

Home gym equipment is an expensive investment and care should be taken to preserve this investment when making a move from one residence to another. For many tasked with making a move that includes a home gym, it may be a good idea to call on professionals to do the heavy lifting. A qualified mover with experience in all aspects of the business can execute the moving of home fitness equipment seamlessly while providing owners of the equipment with the piece of mind that their valuables are safe and sound.