How To Make A Gift For Everyone

Holidays and or special occasions are important days of the year where you want to give something nice to someone. Usually, when you have many gifts to get for many different people, you want something that you can be able to afford and at the same time you want the gift to be personable and something that they would appreciate.

Hand Making gifts are usually something that almost anyone can appreciate because of the effort and creativity that you put into making the gift. Paper made gift boxes that can be filled with anything light, are one of the best handmade gifts that you can give and give to multiple people. Making handmade gift boxes filled with candy is one of the best ways to give everyone a gift because it is affordable, personable and creative.

If you are someone who is looking to provide gifts to everyone around you, then you should consider creating a handmade paper gift box and inserting something fun inside that they can enjoy, like candy. Candy is always something that is appropriate for gifts, since candy is a real treat that they can be able to enjoy it anytime.

In addition, these handmade gift boxes filled with candy are fun activities that both you and the children can all make together, making you time to bond and have fun. In order to begin making the candy boxes, you want to first start off by collecting all of the material you will need. The materials that you are going to need are: color construction papers, scissors, scale, cutter, satin ribbons, tape, pencils and decorative mirrors. Depending on how many handmade boxes you are planning on making, make sure that you have enough materials by first deciding how many people you are going to give these gifts too, that way you have more than enough supplies. Always make sure that you have extra, just to be on the safe side.

The steps to making the handmade gift box starts off with first taking a piece of construction colored paper of you choice, it should be about 21cm wide and 21cm long. Next, grab your pencil and make small markings of about 7 cm each in order to make 2 rows and 3 columns, each having 3 squares. Next, grab your scissors and cut off the remaining strips on the paper to form a perfect square shape. Next, fold the paper diagonally in each corners of the paper. Also, fold the paper horizontally and vertically along the lines you drew earlier, so that you should now have 4 creases. Next, fold the outer squares into a triangle shape in order to form a box shape. Once you have completed making the creases, you want to use glue to paste down the corners to form the box shape.

Lastly, in order to make the lid for the box, you will take another sheet of paper, preferably a lighter color. Measure out 9 cm for both length and width, make your markings, and cut out a perfect square. Make a 1 cm mark on every corner, draw lines down all of the four sides so you should be left with a 1 cm square in every corner. Lastly, cut a small slit in every corner so you could be able to fold them in and glue the sides together, making a box

Once you have made your box lid, you are able to fill it with candies of your choice. Once you have it filled, you can decorate it with decorative mirrors, or whatever decorations you have of your choice. Simply close the box, and tie the ribbon, and your gift is ready to hand out.