Quick and easy moving tips

Finding a new place can be exciting but it the excitement ends as soon as you start thinking of all the crap you have to pack up. It is easier to leave the packing until the last minute but that will just give you more headache on moving day. Here are a number of tips you can use to make moving easier.

Start early

If you wish to move within the next month or two, do not leave the process till the last five days. If you pack up in a hurry there is a high risk of forgetting important items or even damaging some of them. The first thing you should do is come up with a to-do-list of what should be accomplished every week without fail.

Figure out your moving strategy

Your moving strategy will depend on the distance between your current location and your new location. If the distance is short, you can gather up a few friends to help you move. Having friends help you move can help you save some cash. If the distance is short you can also move small items every day, that way you will have fewer items to move on the main moving day. However, if the distance is long it becomes a complicated issue. You need to hire movers. You have to research to find a professional moving company. There are so many moving companies, but you have to find a reputable company with positive reviews. They should also have the resources to make your move easy.

Organize your items

When packing, you will be surprised at the number of items you have accumulated over time. You will have so many items in the house that you no longer use. You can take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of some items. Organize your stuff depending on what you want to keep, what to give to charity and what you can sell. For what you can sell organize a yard sale, you will get some cash from the yard sale to assist with the moving budget.

Take inventory

For a comfortable move, get some boxes to pack all your items. As you pack items in the boxes take inventory. It helps to have a spreadsheet of all the items in each box. This can come in handy if something goes missing. Also label each box on the side, this will help when you are unpacking the boxes. You will know exactly where everything is and where each box will go.

Be ready for the movers

It does not matter whether you hired professional mover or it is your family and friends helping you. Unless you have hired packers, you need to pack up everything in the house. If you have a family you need to keep them informed, it avoids disorganization on the moving day. Moving can be particularly hard for children, telling them what is expected of them will prevent them from being a disruption on the moving day.

On the moving day do not forget to treat the movers. You are not required to but it is a gesture of kindness. Have some food and drinks ready for them, moving can be quite tiresome. The other thing is have some tipping money after they have moved your items.