Making A Delightful Gift Box From Scrapbook Paper

Making a nice gift box out of scrapbook paper is easy. The little gifts that fit in a small box are great. The idea is unique and comes from the heart. The gift is simply wrapped with something thoughtful and handmade. The final result is inexpensive, hand crafted and personalized. All that is required to begin are two pieces of thick, pretty scrapbook paper. One will be used for the base and the other for the lid. Once the scrapbook paper has been acquired get something nice to put in the box. This can be candy, small toys, a nice gift, etc.

Thick scrapbook paper works the best. This is also available with a nice velvety finish. If extra thickness is required two pieces can be glued together. The best size for the paper is a twelve inch square. Most scrapbook paper is already this size but some is a bit longer. Trim the paper to the right size. This is much easier with a paper cutter. The twelve inch square makes nice four inch square candy boxes.

Draw an X right across the backside of the scrapbook paper. Make sure it goes from corner to corner. Fold in all four sides until the paper is in a diamond shape and all four sides meet in the middle. Unfold the bottom and top folds but leave the rest folded. Now fold the right and left sides in on themselves to they meet at the center line. Take the sheet and unfold everything. Fold the bottom corner up towards the center.

Snip the corner. The fold now needs to be cut but only to the corner’s edge. Just follow the folded line but only to the edge of the snipped corner. Turn the paper and do the same thing on the other side. This side should be snipped as well. The tips on the flaps should now be turned down. The snips will leave a little flap part. The top part of this should be folded down. Do the same for both snipped sides. What is needed are these creases.

Release the small flap because this is only for creasing the corners and sides of the box. There is a small flap part that looks like a little side triangle. This will be secured with glue. A glue stick will work very well. This is the inside of the box. The little flap on the right must be glued as well. There should now be two pointy pieces pointing at the center that have been glued down. Wrap the edges so the pointy pieces are covered. Turn the box and fold over the flap. Glue down the flap.

Repeat the same steps for the bottom of the box except trim two of the sides to 1/8 inch. This will enable the bottom to fit under the top of the box. Once the same steps are completed the bottom should fit nicely under the top of the box. Place a little trinket, treat or treasure in the box. Cover this with some pretty tissue paper. The box can be filled with almost anything including baked goods, candy, small toys for the kids, jewelry, creams and soaps. If the box is lined with wax paper it is excellent to send home any leftovers.