Tips to make Your Move Easy

Let’s face it–moving can be a pain whether you are moving across town or across the country. Here are 13 things to do to make your move simple, easy, and less stressful for you.

1. Get Organized ASAP
Unless you are moving immediately, you typically have one to two months to move out of your current place. Take time to itemize what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. The more work you put in at the beginning the easier the move will be.

2. Figure Out the “How”
You know you’re moving, but how are you planning to do it? Do you need to hire a moving crew? Contact family and friends? Rent a moving van? Deciding this can help you better organize things before moving day.

3. Communicate
If you hire movers, make sure they know what day and exactly what time to be there and what they are in charge of moving and what your expectations are.

4. The Purge
Take advantage of this chance to go through all the clothes in the back of your closet and items under the bed. Toss out or donate the things you no longer need or use. Consider making some money by selling lightly used furniture online.

5. Establish a System
Create a system to keep track of what was in each room and where it was packed. This make the move and unpacking easier.

6. Consider Reusable Bins
Cardboard boxes seem to be the face of moving, but reusable bins can be a better alternative. These can be reused once you move, used to store things in, and are more sturdy to hold things during the move.

7. Use Local Sources
No need to spend money on a couple boxes to accommodate for other items–start collecting free cardboard boxes from your local grocery store. Keep in mind smaller boxes are easier to carry and can fit in doors better.

8. Take Inventory
If you are hiring a moving company, take careful inventory of what they will be moving so nothing goes unaccounted for in the move.

9. Label
Label every box on every side. Also, include what room it came from and will go to in your new house. This wills save you when you go to unpack.

10. Utilize Space
If you have trunks for decoration or suitcases, use that space to put things in.

11. Create a Moving Day Bag
This could include cleaning supplies, change of clothes, snacks, and toiletries.

12. Check the Trash
Try to avoid packing things in trash bags, but if you must, be sure to check trash bags before throwing them out. There’s no need to throw out all your towels!

13. Say Thank You
Treat those who helped you move to a treat or meal to thank them for their hard work.

These 13 simple tips can make your move less stressful and help you stay organized in the midst of all the chaos.