Choosing the Right Moving Boxes for Your Move

If you are planning a move in the near future, you may already have a long list of things that you must do. These plans should be well thought out in advance so that they can be executed seamlessly and with ease. Though each stage of packing comes with its only challenges, one of the most significant is buying all the right box types for the items that you need to pack. To make sure that you have the best boxes available for the move, here are some guidelines that you can follow.

Typically, there are only a few different types of boxes that’s needed to pack your items in the home safely. So, it is very important that you identify the best types before you make your purchase. Though you may be tempted to cut corners in this area, it is important to remember that cheap moving boxes may not be the right or best solution. Therefore, the first step that you need to consider is where to buy the moving boxes.

Where Should You Buy Your Moving Boxes

For those of you who are looking for the best quality made moving boxes, you will probably find that you have many different places that you can make your purchases from. In fact, there are many different moving companies such as Oz that will provide all of the different types of boxes that you will need in order to make the move easy. According to service terms that they offer, you can even have your boxes delivered to your home for the added convenience. Or, if you prefer to take another last minute route, you may also discover that Staples will provide boxes for you too. This is because Staples is great for getting the necessary office supplies. Hence, you can pick and choose in advance where you really want to go.

Types of Moving Boxes

After you have decided where you want to go to pick up your boxes, you will also need to know what types of moving boxes are available. The boxes that you choose are common and can be used to suit your purposes. Here are 4 of the most common provided below.

Book Boxes

Just a little smaller than the standard boxes, the book box has been designed for a wide range of purposes. So, the book box is ideal for packing heaving books, papers, photo albums, cleaning supplies, magazines, and bathroom utensils. All of which can range in size and shape so the weights can vary. Before packing, it is important to make sure the bottom does not break because of being over stuffed.

Linen Boxes
Linen boxes are a little bit larger than the standard box and it is idea for significantly larger items. For instance, if you want to pack your plastic containers, pots, pans and other kitchen utensils, this is the size that is needed. To prevent broken dishes, however, you should always pack towels to separate and protect breakable items.

China Boxes
The china box has been designed to be exceptionally sturdy since they are made with double corrugated properties. Therefore, this extra thick big box can be packed with bowls, vases, table lamps, and the like.

Wardrobe Boxes
The wardrobe box is considered to be for specialty items like clothes that you place on a hanger, odd shaped furniture pieces and other things that stand at least 4 feet.

Quick Packing Tips
It is also important to note that there are several quick packing tips that can save time. Some of the most important include labeling boxes clearly, using second hand boxes, using 911 as a label for products needed right away.