Five creative uses for a cardboard box

Today’s world moves at a fast pace and everyone is on the go seeking a more convenient way to live. There’s throw away wrappers, throw away cups and much more. However, a throwaway society produces a lot of waste and the problem of throw away cardboard boxes is a shame because these paper based gems can be used to create amazing things from a child’s craft projects, works of art to even furniture. Seeing the magic in a simple cardboard box doesn’t require much, but an actively engaged and creative mind. So, in the spirit of creativity here’s a rundown of several creative uses for cardboard boxes that you can begin today.

Children’s story theater
What you’ll need:

Small cardboard box
Tissue paper
Crafting paint
Cardboard paper
Story boxes help young children expand their imagination by allowing them to create a 3d story from a favorite children’s book or their own imagination. You’ll need to cut the box using quality scissors and then watch your child’s imagination take flight as they create a 3d story from their mind.

Homemade Treasure box
What you’ll need:

Small cardboard box
Tissue paper or crafting paper
Cardboard cereal box
Crafting paint
Plastic jewels
The imagination is the limit when you create a treasure box with your child. Cut the box into the shape that you need and then paint plus decorate it. Once it’s completed you’ll have created a memory that will last for years to come.

A cardboard box isn’t just for children’s projects, adults can get in on the fun while doing their part to recycle when they create their own cardboard projects. Because 90% percent of deliveries to Western addresses are done with cardboard, you’re sure to have cardboard on hand to create a great cardboard recycle project.

Recycled plant box
What you’ll need:

2 Medium sized cardboard box
Plastic liner
Hole puncher
Favorite plant seeds
Green thumbs are sure to love creating DIY planters that can easily be kept nearby on a window sill or balcony to create a balcony garden.

Storage Totes
What you’ll need:

Medium to Large sized cardboard box
Gold screw bolts
Spray adhesive
Different durable colored fabrics
Stiff belts
Cardboard storage toes are a simple cost effective way to provide extra storage space for magazines, books, and even clothes and they are amazingly simple to make.

Wall art canvases
What you’ll need:

Small to medium shoe box tops
White paint
Acrylic paints
Paint brushes
A plain cardboard box can be turned into a work of art by using a primer and white paint to create blank canvases that can be used to create your own works of art. So, get started today and you might become tomorrow’s next rising artist.

The uses for cardboard whether in its box form, a shoe box top or a large board are endless. Creating great crafting projects using this versatile material can be an exercise in imagination and fun. Because they aren’t simply discarded after use, you’ll also be doing your part to plant the planet. So start today to see cardboard in a different way and you could help create a brighter tomorrow.