Make the Gift Box as Special as the Gift

A fabulous gift box can be the finishing glory of any great gift. Without it, the gift is great, but with it, it becomes fabulous. That is the trick of any great hostess or person attending an event. Here are some of the best ideas for this, to make your next gift the best around.

Ideas for Gift Boxes

You might have a great idea of what you want the gift box to look like, but have no idea what to make it from. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

– Take gift wrapping and create your own personal gift boxes.
– Use fabric and fabric glue to make them really fancy.
– Get really creative and layer things with decoupage to make some neat designs for extra points.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild:

Let your imagination run off in a million directions. Creativity is the way you come up with a fabulous idea for that wow factor in your party or special event. The candy boxes or party favors that your gift in these boxes, will be loved even more when they arrive packaged in a perfect box that is unique. Here are some of those gems to consider. They are all inexpensive and offer a great base for the box that you can cover with the cloth and paper.

– Mason jars
– Shoe boxes
– Egg cartons
– Matchboxes
– Plastic Bottles
– Milk Cartons
– Toilet paper

These simple bases can become one of millions of creative things that will delight the recipient. Think of the audience that you gift these to. You can make a very creative set of party favors easily and cheaply in this way. Here are some other ideas.

1. Take toilet paper rolls and place tissue paper over the end. Use more tissue paper in the end of that before placing a rubber band around the end. This is the head of the ghost. Place tiny candy inside the head of the ghost for your party favors.
2. Decoupage can be used on milk cartons, plastic bottles and egg cartons make hundreds of creative party favor containers.
3. Matchboxes can become some really extravagant gift boxes for those special jewelry gifts when they are covered with cloth or pretty paper.
4. Mason jars are always a favorite container for cookie mix gifts. They can also be used for bath gifts. When chalkboard paint is painted over a circle on one side, then the gift “box” can become part of the gift. The person receiving the gift can erase the label and re-use the mason jar for something else. Consider making a whole new set of these for the kitchen or bath to hold things for fabulous house warming gifts.

These are just some of the ways that you can creatively make a candy boxes that make the gift inside that much better for that special person or party favors at your next big bash.

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