Some Fun and Creative Ways To Use Candy Boxes for Packaging

Making candy and other holiday treats is a great way to show the ones you love you care. You make some homemade chocolate and then you put in a box and send it off. sounds simple enough. Did you know that you can get more creative with this idea? There are many ways you can turn some plain old candy boxes into something more whimsical and holiday-oriented.

1) Did you make some peppermint bark for your family” Take some cellophane and wrap it around the outside. You will show off the natural side of the bark made of almond and white, bittersweet chocolate. Tie with a nice little ribbon. The color is up to you, though red is a preferable choice. Use a nice tag on the end of it. This gives the illusion of being in a candy box when it is not.

2) Take some homemade brittle and use a cellophane bag once again. Package it up nice and neat. Use a label fold-over for the front of the packaging.

3) Take some candy that you have made. Put it in a wooden box. It does not have to be extra big. It just has to be enough to hold all the candy you have made. Line the inside with some pink and/or red foil. Put a lid on it and attach the label.

4) Want to make some nice stocking stuffers for the holidays? All you do is go online and find a template for the “ribbon holly candy boxes”. Print it out and make it your own creation. Tuck some candy inside and wrap it shut with the ribbon. It is simple and easy to do. The link for the template is here.

5) There is something called “Flavor Stamps”. All you do is take a “button closure envelope” and attach some Stamps to it. You can choose between chocolate and hazelnut. It works great if you have some chocolate and hazelnut toffee inside. Most other candies will do.

6) Have you ever seen those “candy shop gifts” when you pass through a store during the holidays? Now you can make your own. All you need is some left over spaghetti jars. Make sure you clean them out thoroughly first. Put in some peppermint bark. You can use some Twizzlers or jawbreakers. You can use candy canes. The skies the limit with this one. Just place them in the jars and seal. You can give them out to friends and family over the holidays. You do not have to waste your money by these in the store now because you can make your own.

7) Do you have any egg-shaped boxes lying around the house? All you need is some paint and glitter. You can turn them into little Santas. Put some candy inside and hand them out. It is a cute and inexpensive way to attend to someone’s sweet tooth over the holidays.


There are lots of ways to present your holiday candy in boxes without it being an actual candy box. All it takes is some creativeness and some imagination from your side and your holiday treats will look great. You can click herefor more information and ideas.