15 of the Best DIY Procedures That Will Leave Your House Clean and Spacious

Most of us prefer to arrange dispersed products by moving them from one place to another. However, did you know that with simple DIY procedures and products such mobile cardboard boxes or rolling crates, you can easily arrange your house in the most professional manner? This article takes a look at 15 DIY procedures that will bring life and space into your house.
1: Rolling Storage
If you happen to have empty spaces under your bed, you can build or buy some rolling crates which you can use them to store products such your kid’s toys and clothes. You can also get some cardboard boxes and fit them with rolling tires.
2: Fabric-Lined Crate 
A fabric-lined crate is a regular crate with the only difference being the inner lined fabric. Just like the rolling crates, you can use this crate to store your kid’s toys.
3: PVC Shoe Rack
This is the ideal DIY product for avid shoe lovers. All you need is a pipe that you can trim to fit the size of your shoe. You can then arrange the pipes in a standing manner using pipe glue.
4: Tin Can Organizer 
As the name suggests, this DIY product only requires you to buy tins. You can then use the tins to store products such as biros, scissors, and your kid’s crayons.
5: Doggy Bags 
To each dog lover, you can use these bags to store disinfectant wipes and rolls of poo that your dog might have littered around your house.
6: Book Crates 
You can store your kid’s books in unfinished wooden crates. All you need are wooden crates and paint. Assemble the wooden crates at an eye-level position of your children.
7: Hanging Bins
You can use hanging bins to hold different items that usually seem not to have a particular place to stay. All that you need are disinfectant wipes, teal paints, and cabinet knobs. On average, this won’t even cost you more than $40.
8: Battery Round Up
To parents who have numerous toys for their kid’s, this is the ultimate holding product. All you require are clean empty spice containers. You can then place the containers inside a holding rack placed on the wall.
9: Dedicated Hook Towels 
These hook towels are initialized to enable identification. The good thing about them is the fact that you will always be guaranteed of a dry towel.
10: Sliding Pantry 
You can place a well-organized sliding pantry between your fridge. You can then use this pantry to store canned products.
11: Hidden Jewellery Case 
If you have a mirror on the wall, you can transform it into a jewelry case by adding a makeup organizer and a mobile drawer.
12: Lipstick Holder
This is for each lady who would like to see a clean and organized dressing room. To achieve this, what you need are several wood plugs and copper tubing that you can use them to hold your lipsticks. What’s even better is the fact that you only need around $12 to make them yourself.
13: Spice Holders 
You can hold your spices and other kitchen ingredients by simply using a spice jar that is held in place by a wire and a wall nail. You can purchase glass jars for $9.
14: Magnetic Makeup Board 
Why place all your makeup products inside huge cardboard boxes when you can hold them inside a frame? What you need here is a magnetic sheet which you will then place it inside your picture frame and cover it with an attractive paper. The magnetic layer will hold the metal products in place.
15: Winter Storage 
You can use filing trays to store all your winter necessities such as winter caps, gloves, and coats. Just screw the filing trays on your wall, and you are ready to go. What you need to purchase are wire organizers and command strips.