Candy Boxes: The three things you must know..

Its the seventh month of 2017 which means summer is officially here. Summer is the season where people often travel on vacation. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a flight overseas to Paris, tourists would like to make the most of their time before the summer season ends. Kids will also be out of school and they are looking to buy treats which will include candy boxes.
However, if you are in the business of wholesale candy, then you must know the three most important things about wholesale candy that you probably didn’t know about. Knowing the three essentials is key if you are ever thinking about growing your candy business. According to the confectionery industry, candy sales will reach 39 billion by the year of 2019. This indicates that learning the troupes will improve your business by around this margin.
The first thing that you must know are the size of the boxes themselves. This one of the most important because you don’t want your candies to be sliding around the box and only to open them to see them ruined and broken. The boxes have to be the appropriate size to make sure that they are not too small nor too big. You might want to consider collecting the one-piece window candy box. Its perfect for those who either need to store one single piece of candy or a row of chocolate bar to fit in snugly. The weight of the box is to also be considered.

The second thing that must be considered for using candy boxes is the style. You want your candy to be presented with a little fashion when selling to a customer. The style can depend on what the customer is looking for. For example, the customer maybe looking for candy to be bought on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, you want more of a reddish color with possibly some hearts. Another example, is a candy box with the theme of Halloween. In that case, have a box that has pumpkin decorations or other Halloween themed elements on it. For your style needs, look for any of their cute gable boxes and you can decorate those on however you wish. Don’t forget to put in a tie around the box with either a bow or a small ribbon. This is to make sure that the lid stays securely tight and closed for the customer.

The last point you must know is the padding. You need the extra inserts to help secure the box. They offer golden and brown box trays in a variety of sizes. You need these trays for three things; it offers extra protection, it helps provide a certain level of cleanliness, and it places a layer between the box and the candy themselves.

These three tips on what to look for when selling candy are essential for your wholesale needs. The next step is to look for your marketing and packaging. Custom packaging for your store does help stand out from the competition on the market.