Some Helpful Tips for Adjusting after a Move

There are plenty of helpful tips and tricks out there about how to pack for a move and how to conduct a move.  If you hop on the internet you will find no shortage of blogs, articles, and posts all about organizing, ordering packaging supplies, choosing a mover, ordering packaging supplies, shipping via air or ground…did I mention ordering packaging supplies?  But what about after you move?  Does everyone just expect that you move and then you are happy because you moved?  Where are all of the helpful tips and tricks for how to adjust after a move?


Thankfully, there is some information, and the amount is growing.  Here are just a couple to help you along the way:

First of all, before we can go any further, we have to establish a positive mindset.  That might sound cliché, but it’s true.  If you want to have a healthy adjustment for your move, than you need to have a healthy mindset about the whole thing.  No, maybe you didn’t want to move, maybe it’s not ideal, and maybe you can find negative stuff all about it.  But there are definitely some positives, and the key is to put those positives first.


Be prepared.  Once you find out where you are going to be relocating to, try to learn as much as you can about that place.  It will begin to feel familiar before you even get there, and that’s the whole point.

Set up your home.  Prioritize setting up your home before you prioritize anything else.  You want your home to feel safe and inviting, so you need you to make it that.  Get fully unpacked so that you can begin to learn where everything is.  It will make you feel more at home to have all of your familiar surroundings around you, and it will be less stressful to have an uncluttered environment to go back to after you come back from exploring.

Make friends.  This is the easy part for a lot of people, and for some people this is the hardest part.  It is not cliché to introduce yourself to your neighbors.  In fact, it should set everyone at ease to become accustomed with your smiling, friendly face.  If there are work parties, or you get invited to a function by a colleague or fellow gym member, than go.


Be flexible.  A lot of this has to do with being open to new experiences.  A move is a really big change, and most of us don’t do well with change, so it helps to keep in mind that you are going to have change after change after change for quite a while after you move.  But don’t worry, it will all even out soon.  Enjoy those new experiences, but keep your favorites close, too.