Five Tips for Sending Holiday Packages

We are coming up no the holiday season, and that means lots of packages.  Lots of receiving packages, but also lots of sending them!  That means lots of time dealing with boxes, packaging tape, lines at the post office, and just plain old the cost of it on top of the cost of everything else…  Now is the time to start talking about all of the tips and tricks out there for shipping holiday packages.


Tip #1) Don’t procrastinate!  Sometimes we think we have plenty of time left to send our gifts but then we get to the post office and realize that everything ships slower during the holiday season because everyone is sending stuff.  Be sure to send your packages out extra early.  You should make sure that you already have a nice stack of shipping boxes off to the side so that you can pack your boxes at home, minimizing the amount of time you are going to need to spend in the post office.  By leaving yourself ample time for shipping, you can save a lot of money by choosing the slower routes.

Tip #2) Shop online!  Shopping online is one way to completely avoid post office lines and shipping costs.  Most online retailers off free shipping during the holiday season, and a lot of them even offer gift-wrapping at a small cost.  You could probably save money on the same item by buying it off the internet, too.

Tip #3) Choose well!  The shipping boxes you choose are going to set the tone for your shipping experience.  You want ones that are new and strong.  The USPS offers flat rate shipping boxes that will ship anywhere in the United States for the same amount, and these are a fabulous option during the holiday season.  You can stuff them to the brim and not wonder how much it’s going to cost you in the end.


Tip #4) Pack smart!  Choose packaging supplies that are going to work in your favor, and don’t skimp on them.  Make some investments in bubble wrap or packing peanuts.  There is no point for the gifts you are sending to wind up broken in transit simply because you skipped a step.

Tip #5) Be prepared!  If you are sending perishable items, send them at the beginning of the week so there isn’t a chance of them sitting around over the weekend.  Make sure that whatever they are can handle the extreme temperatures that will come from being shipped.  If you are sending expensive items, spend the extra money by sending them next-day.  Make sure the box is small, and get it insured through your own insurance company.  Obviously, don’t advertise what is inside of the box.