What do Packaging Supplies Have to do with Game Shows?

If you have read the title to this little bit of content you have automatically and simultaneously asked yourself a question: what do packaging supplies have to do with game shows? Of course normally we would probably say, “Not that much, obviously,” or “I don’t know” or even, “Who cares.” There would probably be that one person who likes to try to have an educated answer for everything and so he would say something like, “Well, figuratively speaking, everything that the game show received in the mail would be directly related to packaging supplies, so you might consider that packaging supplies have a lot to do with game shows, they are just more behind the scenes.”

Well, no one wants to hear that kind of BS.

Wheel of Fortune

The actual and right answer to this question is Wheel of Fortune. That’s right. Just the other day my cousin sent me a screenshot of a Wheel of Fortune puzzle and said, “Ready, Go!” This was obviously to mean that I was to go ahead and try to figure out the puzzle. So I did. I like to think that my brain works quickly, and that it recognizes letters in an instant, and has a bit of a word-solving prowess. The problem is, though, that I try to fill in the blanks automatically and then I am left with these ridiculous phrases continuously trying to be right. It’s like when you are playing Pictionary and the other person keeps saying the exact same thing for your drawing when you’ve shaken your head “no” every single time. If it was magically going to morph into “candle in the wind” I would have said “yes” and then this round would be over…

The more my cousin insisted that I would never guess it but that I would hate myself when I found out, the more determined I became to discover the answer. In the end, the only thing that I could come up with was “apologizing profusely” and that just didn’t add up with the letters on the screen. And it was pretty lame. When I finally swallowed my pride and told her to tell me, she sent me a screen shot of the finished puzzle: packaging supplies. Why would it make me hate myself to not have gotten that? While hating myself was a gross overstatement, to be sure, I was definitely embarrassed. You see, I write about packaging supplies every single week!