Large Shipping Boxes At Your Disposal

What does anything have anything to do with large shipping boxes? Well, let me tell you. The answer is: big stuff. That’s right, I said big stuff. Because isn’t it just the truth that when you go the post office they only have boxes sized small, smaller, and smallest? What about the large shipping boxes? You usually have to go dumpster diving for those babies, or put a notice up on Facebook (“Hey, friends, anyone got a big box they don’t need anymore?”). It’s like the USPS thinks that large shipping boxes are overrated. It’s like they want to discourage you from sending anything larger than what they have to offer. I mean, I can’t say that I blame them. Of course if you were in charge of handling those things and moving them around and loading and unloading and shuffling about you would want to make sure that the size was pretty compatible with your energy and strength level. Naturally, “large” wouldn’t fit into that equation.


When it comes to needing to ship something large, you probably want to just start out at a shipping store. The prices are more or less comparable, even cheaper than going directly through a major shipping company. The best part is that when you arrive you have your pick of large shipping boxes. They have all manner of packaging and shipping supplies. Stuff for posters. Bubble wrap and brown paper. Wrapping paper and birthday cards. I try not to go to the post office at all anymore. I always wind up forgetting something and have to postpone the entire errand. If I start out by going to a shipping store I can be sure to have access to anything I may have forgotten. Like tape. I’m always forgetting tape. Or large shipping boxes! If I want to ship some pillows I don’t want to have to scrounge around for some second hand box that makes no sense. I don’t want to have to vacuum seal them either so that they can fit in a smaller sized box.

Of course, you should be prepared that when you are shipping something large the cost is going to reflect. Depending on where you are trying to send something you might even find yourself needing a new pair of pants after you get the total (unfortunately, pants are not something they generally offer at a shipping store).