Packing Boxes for Sale as a Business Enterprise

If I ever wanted to go into business I would probably start with one of two ideas: medical uniforms, or packaging and shipping supplies. You see, medical uniforms are always in high demand. You know how you go into the pediatrician’s office and all those cute scrubs just automatically make everyone a little bit happier? They are usually shiny and crisp looking; Sylvester the Cat or mustaches or Pooh Bear, not a stain in sight. These people have to buy those. They have to maintain a standard, you see. They have to look sharp, and friendly, and like they care. What does any of this have to do with packing boxes for sale? Not a whole heck of a lot, when you are looking at them together. But when you are looking at them as two separate, possible business enterprises it starts to make a little bit more sense.

Just like medical uniforms are in constant, high demand, so are packaging and shipping supplies! If I could offer packing boxes for sale in bulk, I think people would really respond to that. How many times, when you are getting ready to move, do you dread having to spend all that money on packaging supplies? If you buy any of it from a local department store you are sure to overspend, and forget about the actual moving stores. They upcharge like crazy! You probably wont wind up leaving yourself enough time to order online, either.

Packing Boxes for Sale

Enter: your local packaging and shipping supply store, with packing boxes for sale, packaging tape, moving blankets, you name it. On your way home from work you can go and pick up a bundle of boxes and set your mind at ease. I could even put together a moving bundle, with different size boxes, and tape, and bubble wrap, and those little divider things for cups and vases and stuff. And tall, skinny boxes for lamps because, let’s face it, moving lamps is a huge pain in the B-U-T-T. The crucial part is making sure that the prices are competitive to what is going on online. I bet moving companies would even start to purchase from a local store, at least in a pinch.

Of course I know that there are already stores that offer packaging and shipping supplies, but those are usually shipping stores, and they won’t offer everything necessary for packing up a whole house, and you certainly couldn’t buy it in large quantities.

So, yeah, I’ve got some thinking to do. The local college has a really great physician’s assistant program, and I could probably get signed on to provide them with their uniforms for the students. Or I could put up a sign that says “packing boxes for sale”.