How to Combat Stretch Film Breaks 

There’s nothing more frustrating than you want to get items out, only for the stretch film to break completely.  If you’re someone who is constantly fighting with this, you’re not alone.

But what can you do to boost your profits, reduce stretch film break, and have better control over this? read on to find out, and you’ll learn why you’re dealing with this, and what you can do to fix this. 

Issues with the Load 

The first reason is your loads. A lot of times, if the load profile is too much, this is what causes the breaks.  If you’re looking at different things that can puncture, tear, or even stress.  if you have a lot of protrusions and sharp corners, this is going to cause this.

If you’re not checking for even nicks, resin build-up, or cuts, you’re also going to miss a lot of problems that might be there.

When you lower this film tension or the stretch level, you can take care of this.

You want to make sure that the tension is the highest that it can be without the film breaking or the loads being crushed. However, keep in mind that the film tension will work if you add a bit more layers to this. find that happy medium and keep it there. 

The Wrong Settings 

Another reason why you might be experiencing this is the setup of the warehouse. If you’re not seeing this p correctly, you’re not reducing the damage. Setting the correct standards that are applied in a consistent manner will help.

If you notice that the stretch wrapping is missing a lot of containment force, or it’s dragging a bit, you may experience more product damage. That means, if the settings are wrong, you will deal with the fallout.

The solution involves checking things before you start. Make sure that the film gets threaded in the proper manner, and it’s the one to use. If it is, then is the tension set correctly? 

If you’re using stretch wrapping that’s automatic, then check the clamp on the film for any nicks or cuts along the surface. Also, make sure that the air pressure is right on the clamps so that they don’t break. 

Do this Now to Prevent Stretch Film Breaks 

The way to prevent these breaks during transit is for you to take them upon yourself.

When you reduce the film breaks, along with the shipping damage when transporting them, you have happier customers. It prevents product damage on all sides and makes things better for them as well. a lot of times, when you have stretch film breaks, the product damage can be so much, that it upsets people.

The correct solution for stretch wrapping and unique packaging involves changing a few things. Having an idea of what to change with your stretch wrapping is important for a reason. It can be the difference between having stretch wrapping that works, and also stretch wrapping that just isn’t useful for you to use. 

The correct packaging can change a different situation for everyone. Many times, incorrect packaging is what keeps people struggling to get more people involved in their business. But, when you have the correct packaging, and repair services there, along with a good grasp of what it is that you need to do, you’ll be able to offer a lot of packaging options to check out.

Prevent this today, and you’ll increase your customer base now, and in the future through your efforts and needs that you might have as well.