How to Fix Packaging that’s Difficult to Wrap 

If you’re someone who has faced wrap rage, you’re no alone. This is something that plagues a lot of different packaging, and retailers.

This can markedly damage the business, as a lot of customers get unhappy, and they’ll turn to other competitors because of the poor experience. They also will have a lot more frustration if you damage these items accidentally, or if you injure yourself when battling the opening of these packages.  You may wonder if there is any way for you to fix this, and help with the problem head-on.

There are new solutions that are implemented in a lot of cases. One of the most popular, are boxes that have a tear strip that’s built-in, and this actually ends those packaging woes, while also enhancing the appearance and the protection of the parcels that are there. 

The pulling away of this is so easy, and it’s simple and free from the hassle that’s there too! This is also good too for preventing tampering of the packages. Remember, this tear strip is not reapplied once you’ve removed it, so if someone’s managed to open this, it’s clear as day to the customers that are there.

You can have this sit on the flap where the boxes are too, so that if you want to seal things correctly, it doesn’t cost more for people. You’ll notice as well that you don’t’ need packaging tape either, and the parcels will look better and give a lot better of a first impression than other types of sealings. 

You may wonder if there are other ways for you to have better sealing and less wrap rage. There is.  You’ll be surprised at the different ways to use these strips.

One popular way that people have begun to use them is on mailing bags and mailer envelopes. These lightweight containers are great for you to stuff items in, and they also are good for a lot of people who are worried about the mailing of items.  You can utilize strips that are easier for you to close and open up the strips that are there. Too.

The other cool thing about these strips is that yes, they’re good for closing things, but they’re also ideal for returns too. Let’s say that the customer liked it, but they needed a new size.  You can have these little seals put on them. They just have to re-print the different labels needed, and then, they just give it back to you. It’s really as simple as that, and it’s good too for the customer experience.

Gone are the days of fighting with customer service to help with the packaging, and here, you’ll be able to get the best and most memorable packaging placed here through the different packaging that you offer.

Wrap rage is something that you don’t want, because it’ll make the unboxing a whole lot harder for you. You’ll be able to show to the people who buy from you that yes, you’re practical and smart, and you make it so that they’re easier for you to open up as well, and that’s what really matters at the end of the day.

Ready to end wrap rage, then try out a new packaging supplier that understands this. Design the packaging that you want to, and that’s correct. Once you’re done with that, bring it out to them, and showcase to them that you’re ready for you to get the packaging that you want, and also, to show that you’re ready to have the best unboxing experience for the customers that you want to have too.