Cardboard Vs. Corrugated 

When choosing the packaging materials that customers want, it’s imperative to look at the products that you’re ordering, and the product protection needed. You may wonder corrugated or cardboard, and here, we’ll go over what they can do for you, and how they help you control your business as well. 

Corrugated Box 

Corrugated box is a box with cardboard sheets that are present on both sides. This also involves specific kinds of kraft materials that do make up different sheets. Corrugated boxes that are ruffled, fluted, and corrugated are also in between two line boards which are flat. The material is a bit more durable and it can withstand some of the tougher conditions. The layers also enhance this for the reasons listed below. 

  • It’s durable 
  • It’s lightweight with the best strength to weight options 
  • It’s cost effective 
  • It protects the products, it’s friendly towards the environment 

Once you have the box formed, you can ship practically anything. Packaging doe design these corrugated shipping items in order to fit the needs of the products that are shipped, and the hazards of such too that come about, including sock, moisture, vibration, or compression to that comes with this. 

Cardboard Box 

A cardboard box has but one layer of cardboard, which is what cereal boxes, pasta boxes, and cards you send to others usually include. This involves all sorts of items that are made with heavy paper, and this is something that usually is made with heavier paper pulp and is not layered. This can work in some situations, but they’re not strong enough to withstand normal transit if you do have to take it long distance. This is great for smaller products, but if the package can’t handle being shipped thousands of miles away, you might want to consider a different product. 

The differences 

The differences don’t seem like much but it’s the difference between a [package riving safely in a way that’s good of the reputation of the businesses and arriving messed up and damaged. When you look at cardboard, you need to understand that they’re also made from materials which are different, and also it can be a difference for those looking for something that want to change their shipping means and purposes. 

It also is something that businesses looking for an alternative to cardboard want to get. This isn’t just something that your products deserve to have, but this is something that the customers deserve, and expect too. 

Corrugated is a lot more durable, and it does withstand the shipping that’s out there, simply because they’re light enough to be broken into smaller pieces after it’s shipped. Corrugated boxes also come in a variety of different sizes, and also, you can choose the best product and size for this, and cardboard doesn’t have as many options, and is much more limited, since you usually have a one-size-fits all sort of approach for this. 

That may work for some products, but if you ship a variety, this is something that can be a little bit worrisome, and it can put your package at risk for damages too. With that said, if you don’t’ have corrugated shipping boxes, you might want to look into tis for the sole reason of it’ll be good for you as a business, and it’ll also showcase to others that you care about the business at hand, and everything that comes with it too. For a lot of people, having this on hand is vital, so definitely look at corrugated cardboard boxes for your packaging needs, whenever you may need it.