Are Packing Peanuts biodegradable 

No matter what type of business you’re in, packaging peanuts are a great way to protect cargo. But a lot of businesses try to make efforts to reduce the impact of the environment, and packing peanuts are something that a lot of them try to upgrade. That’s why a lot of them are switching over the packaging peanuts. What does this mean though, and how do you know if the packaging peanuts are biodegradable. 

Non-biodegradable Vs. Biodegradable. 

Traditional packaging peanuts are composed of polystyrene, which is called Styrofoam, and while it is not biodegradable, there are alternatives that are made of corn starch and wheat. The polystyrene ones don’t break down when they’re discarded, and instead spend years in our oceans, other water sources, and the landfills too. In fact, it can talk half a millennium in order to actually decompose all of that. Recycling for this is also very limited too since Styrofoam can only be repurposed into what it’s already being used for, or something similar. Organic material, of course, can be broken down once it’s properly discarded, and discarding this is a lot better for the environment in the long haul. 

Ways to tell if it’s biodegradable

The first and most obvious option is the color. The plant-based biodegradable ones come in a lot of shades, such as green and tan, with the traditional ones being a pink or whitish color. A simple sight test is all that you need, but if that’s not enough, you can always run this under water. They do break down with water if they are biodegradable, whereas with normal packaging peanuts, absolutely nothing will happen. 

Finally, they’re edible. Packaging peanuts that aren’t biodegradable won’t be, and you probably shouldn’t eat it, but the biodegradable ones are edible, although they probably taste bad, so you probably shouldn’t. You definitely will want to keep this in mind. 

Why use biodegradable 

Biodegradable is in, and it’s something that’s ultimately the superior option for the world, compared to normal packaging peanuts. Styrofoam and other uses offers more greenhouse gases and other energy, and it’s something that can actually subject the users to bad carcinogens that aren’t healthy for anyone when being manufactured. Since the materials used to make this are natural, not toxic to humans and the environment, it’s much more environmentally friendly compared to others. 

In fact, they’re safe too if you accidentally ingest them, and a lot of people like that in the event a kid or whatnot gets ahold of it. It also does not hold a static in the same way that Styrofoam does, so the pellets won’t be sticking to your body or the area around you, and also won’t be a problem with the items that you choose to protect. 

Overall, biodegradable packaging peanuts are the way to go, and they’re something that a lot of people can benefit from when they’re trying to get the most out of this, and also to help them really benefit from this as well. So if you want to definitely ensure that you’re getting the results that youwnat, and you also are able to really take care of your packaging in a way that benefits everyone, consider using biodegradable packaging peanuts as an alternative, for they’re better for the environment, better for you, and can really be a great way to get the benefits that youwnat out of this, and something that’ll truly benefit the people that utilize this in the long haul, and to create safer packaging options for those who wish to use this type of packaging.