Blister Packs or Clamshell 

As one looks through the different types of packaging, you’ve got two popular ones: blister packs and clamshells. You may have a bit of an understanding of each of these, and you might wonder what the packaging is best suited for. For those confused about each of these different types, we’ll go over each of these here, and whether or not it’s perfect for the requirements that you have. 

What is Blister kinds of Packaging 

This is usually known as blister packs, and they’re pretty much made from thermoformed plastic and it looks like a blister, hence the name. It’s then attached to a backside that’s made of cardboard, but the blister is responsible for the holding of the product. There is sometimes sheeting, or sometimes a foil backside, and on the carded back you may see descriptions, warnings, and other relevant information on the back of these products. This is very popular for a few reasons, and while you may see this in medications, batteries, tools, toys, and other kinds of goods. It also can be hung on the store shelves. 

What about Clamshell 

This is similar to well, the clamshells that you see in the sea. You’ve got two types of clamshells: the product ones that are pretty much not for foods, and then the foods that you may put in thee, such as carryout and whatnot. 

They are pretty much two types of outer pieces, or “shells” that are connected on one of the four sides, and there might be tabs on the other side. It also may offer branded kinds of boards to this, including typography, other graphics, and other important information that the customer needs to have. You find these in just about anywhere from the grocery store or department store, and even in the gas stations too. 

What’s right for Me? 

One of these is usually the better option than the other, and it’s worth mentioning that you can’t go wrong with either, but there are some great products that you’ll benefit from using one or the other. If you’re doing food for example, then you want the food packaging to be done in clamshells. 

What about toys and action figures? Blister packs are your best option, and it can be good for you. Fire detectors and smoke alarms, or other small electronics, are best packaged through the use of clamshells too. 

If you’re trying to get rid of plastic from this, you probably will want to steer towards other kinds of packaging, as both of these are not good for that period. If you’re trying to package more hardware products, usually clamshells are good for this. 

If you’re planning to package tools or other useful items in the hardware category, you’ll definitely benefit from using the blister packaging. The same goes for batteries. If you’re a company producing and packaging batteries, it’s best if you have blister packaging. Another thing to look at is how you want to sit in the store. If you believe your packaging would be great hanging and it will stand out enough, then yes, by all means get that blister packaging for this. 

If you think that sitting on the shelf is a better option, then it’s in your best interest to use the clamshells. There are different uses for each of these and both of them have their pros and cons. Neither is better than the other, and there is a lot of benefits to be had if you decide to use these so make sure to use your own discretion when doing so.