Brand Packaging

Brand packaging is more important than you may think. Attractive packaging draws a customer’s eye so they will purchase it again and again. Durability, making a statement, easy accessibility, communicating your values, colorful and informative advertising, and first impressions are all ways that a company can make their brand stand out from the many other products that are on a store’s shelf.

Draw the Customer’s Attention to Your Product

Consider using attractive, colorful logos that are color coordinated with the container itself. Remember that the layout of the information is important too. With large easy to read font, a customer can quickly identify your product at a glance. It should stand out from a competitor’s product.

The Product Should Reflect Your Companies Values

Connect with your customers by clearly stating your companies values on the package. If your company supports a specific mission, say so. If your product packaging is easily sustainable and environmental friendly, let your customer know that it is. Going green, recycling, being eco friendly in a day when the environment is so important is a mission statement in itself.

Packaging is a Way to Advertise Your Product

Use your packaging to advertise your product. Product advertising should reflect on who you are as a company. It should say that you are trustworthy and honest. Let your customers know exactly what the product is. Any product information must be accurate and up-to-date. Create attractive, informative packaging that both you and your customers can be proud of. Bad advertising may be bad for your business, but positive, truthful advertising is something to be proud of.

Leave a Positive Impression

Misspelled words won’t help your product stand out from other products that are on the store shelf. Carefully consider the placement and color of your graphics, the size of the font, your logo, and your product information. Exact product information is what a customer appreciates. The packaging should be easy to read and easy to understand.

Product Accessibility

No one enjoys fighting with a package in order to open it. Create a package that is easy to open. Easy to open packages may be a reason customer purchases it over and over again. A customer shouldn’t have to get out the scissors or a knife in order to use what they have just purchased. Make sure that your product is easily accessible.

Manufacture Packaging that is Strong and Durable

By the time a product hits the store’s shelf it should not be tattered or torn. It should not be damaged in any way. No one wants to buy a product that is leaking or broken. Strong packaging must hold up during shipment. It must hold up when it’s moved from a trailer to a warehouse shelf, then again when it is shipped from the warehouse to the store. Not only does strong, durable product packaging save you money, but it saves the consumer money as well.

Colorful, attractive packaging will draw a customer’s attention. Your product should stand out from a competitor’s product. It should relay a message to the consumer by communicating your companies values, and it should be truthful. Take into consideration your customer needs. The packaging should be strong, durable, and be easily accessible.