Baking With My Mom

So if you know anything about me as a person (which you probably don’t because you do not know who is writing this article) then you know that I absolutely love baking. The truth is that I have always had a huge passion for baking and everything involved with it. How did my love for baking start? Well, to answer that question, we would have to travel back to the start of my life as a young buck in a rural town in the midwest. Most little kids like to do silly things like play with race cars or LEGOS or some other dumb toy like that; not me. I actually was way more mature than most kids my age, meaning that I needed something to keep my highly intellectual brain occupied while I looked for hobbies to put my massive brain to. The thing that seemed to really do it for me was baking, especially since baking was such an accessible hobby for me. The reason for this is that my mom is a huge baker and was always in the kitchen cooking up some sort of baked goods or something like that. One thing that I’ll say is that baking is not for everyone. Baking can be a real challenge if you do not know what you are doing. However, I thankfully grew up with the best teacher around. My mom was there to teach me all about baking.

There are tons of different things that you can bake, it really just depends on what you are feeling that day. As for my mother and I, we baked different types of cookies, cakes, pies, or pastries depending on the day and what we were feeling that day. It can also vary because of the time of year and because of certain holidays, so just keep that in mind if you ever decide to start baking. My love for baking definitely comes from my mother, especially after so many days spent helping her in the kitchen. My responsibilities in the kitchen were obviously not the same when I was growing up, since it is true that a little kid cannot do all the same things that an adult can do.

My mom would have me stir the mixing bowl or crack an egg here or there, and my responsibilities would get more complicated and bigger the older I got and proved myself a capable and competent co-pilot in the kitchen. One of my favorite parts about baking was picking out the ingredients at the store. Whenever my mom would pick me up from school we would head to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for dinner and that sort of thing. On the occasions that we were going to bake something that evening, she would also pick up various ingredients for baking. My favorite part was picking out the candy boxes that we would use to make different types of cakes and cookies. My mom would let me pick out the candy boxes because she knew that it meant a lot to me.

Anyways, thanks for reading this article that I put a lot of work into. Honestly, if you want to know the real truth about me, I made this entire thing up and I really don’t care much for baking in the slightest.