Baking With My Mom

Ever since I was little, I have always fully enjoyed baking as a pastime and hobby. I began my introduction to baking as a young boy, and oftentimes would help my mom in the kitchen with various baking endeavors and the like. My wonderful mother would let me help in small ways during the baking process. Whether it was opening the candy boxes, mixing some of the ingredients in, or setting timers on the kitchen timer to keep track of our various bakes, I always loved to be helping out in the kitchen. As I grew older, my mother and I continued our tradition of baking together most weekends, and I was trusted with more responsibilities like adding the sugar, eggs, beating, kneading, and all other sorts of baking things that one does in the kitchen.

It made my sisters a bit jealous of all the time I could spend with my mom, but they did not see baking as a hobby and a great pastime like I did. For my sisters baking was more of a chore than anything else. I do not see how anyone could see baking as a chore, it is one of my absolute favorite pastimes. Regardless, I definitely developed my passion for baking even more as I grew older. The great part of baking is that you can often bless other people with the finished product of your baking. I remember back to countless times of bringing cookies or brownies to church on Sundays on a small platter to have out in the church lobby next to the coffee and other odds and ends. It seemed like such a small way to serve others but it always brought me great joy to share my bakes with others and it feels very rewarding. People at church even began to expect baked goods from my mom and I every week, though I’m sure no one would have been mad if we decided to stop.

Nowadays I continue to bake in my own home, though I will always think back on my childhood baking with my mom with fond memories. During holidays when I go back to visit my parents, my mom and I like to do some extra special baking adventures to make up for lost time that we are away from the kitchen together. The kitchen counter will be cluttered with various baking ingredients, candy boxes, rolling pins, and mixing bowls, and we do a poor job keeping the flour contained into the baked goods, but we always have a good time together. 

Last Christmas, my mom and I made a huge assortment of baked goods for our friends and family. We made a large gingerbread house with loads of frosting, marshmallows, candies, and other treats that remained as a centerpiece on the dining room table for quite some time. It was hard work to prevent the little cousins from eating it, but eventually we caved and let them eat it in the end. We also spent time making a few delicious pies. My favorite pie has always been apple, but apple pie is not really something many people have around Christmas time. Either way, I always end up making apple pie regardless and many of my family have grown to enjoy it over other pies as well. We also make cherry pie and mixed berry pie if we have time.