Getting candy with 2021 mask mandates

The change of our culture in this new year has been saddening.  We are living in a totalitarian world of fear where facts and science do not matter.  We have mask mandates that are based on 100% lies and they are proven to not protect against COVID-19.  Yet here we are forced to cover our faces and dehumanize ourselves for the sake of a political control game.  All I want to do is enjoy life and go out and get snacks without fear of getting arrested.  The phrases such as Pandemic and Essential have been played to death and are getting on my nerves.  The topic came up when I told a friend that I was going to the store to get snacks for the family. It is wild the rules in place in some states.  They immediately chastised me for putting lives at risk over snacks. Let me tell you that snacks are life and I am happy to take that risk in order to live a normal life and have a happy family. I want to let you know that the need for anything outways the risk of freedom and if you need to get some top of the line candy boxes for your family then go right ahead and get the things done that you need. Don’t live in fear and don’t get arrested either.  

Enjoying food is essential, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of justice are as well. It is when someone goes and tells me that any kind of grocery shopping is not essential that I must protest.  I live in the United States due to freedom and going shopping is part of that.  I take a massive risk of driving to the store. The risk of getting into a crash is always there and that is higher than any other health risk in the world. I say this to let people know that they are at risk of dying every day. But being at a store and getting groceries who have been touched by tons of people has always been a risk. 

Don’t give in to fear and the idea that food is something to be afraid to get. That is how I look at many things these days.  It is no one’s right to tell you what food is good and what is not. That is part of why we live in this country and that is the freedom that it brings.  Yes, that even comes down to the candy boxes we choose when walking down that lovely aisle. So indeed don’t let anyone tell you what food is essential or even come close to taking away the choice as to that. It could mean later on that some choices for food for your children may be limited. The FDA says aspartame and corn syrup are healthy. If they are soon the only options then we may all be dying of following the rules if they take away healthy alternatives. 

 The right to freedom is involved and even in 2021, we are seeing no real death rates beyond a normal common cold.  So do not fret, but go out and be free. Enjoy your astonishing groceries and don’t be afraid of news that is proven to be false all the time.  We are seeing now that it has all been a lie and still no one is in jail because of it.