Find your Favorite Treats

This year has been slightly different than the others.  What has happened is that the world flipped upside down due to COVID-19.  The truth is that this virus ended up scaring most of the world into shutting down.  It turns out that the death rate is almost zero from it but what happened is that most factories and many places that produce important products stopped working.  Our economy is based on just in time and if one thing gets missed then millions of products have trouble getting made.  Just look up how many products and processes are needed for a pencil to work.  But when it comes to finding your favorite treats on the supermarket shelves you may be in for a hard time. 

This year I have had real trouble with getting the goods that come normally for most people.  Food shortages and regular goods like toilet paper have been insane to find on the market in the United States.  What is crazy is that our stores have gone to rationing certain items.  When something becomes little scares we go straight to socialist rationing and good luck getting two of your favorite candy boxes if they start running low.  This is something that I have found to be really hard to deal with.  There really is not need to ration in a capitalist society and it is unfortunate that so many things have gone wrong with our country to keep us from enjoying our favorite candy boxes on a daily basis if we so wish. 

I know it sounds a bit over the top but if you really need to get that sweet fix then I want you to be able to go out to new places and enjoy it.  What this means is that you may end up going to another location that has different rules for you to follow in this COVID-19 pandemic.  It could lead to you getting arrested if you are not following those rules to a tee.  That is why I want to go over some basics so when you go to another grocery store to get that awesome treat you are not going to be punished for it.

One of the first things you need to do is have a good copy of your State’s rules and regulations on COVID-19.  This is a baseline for the local cities and towns that may have their own regulations and if you a re crossing states you need to be super careful you don’t get arrested for shopping in a new state.  This could be a regulation that you are not familiar with so go to that sates website and print out the rules that are relevant.   But that is not all you need to also go to the town and city of the location you are going to be going to and find out what you need to do to follow the local rules.  IT sounds a bit crazy, but following those local laws can save you from a lot of hardship. 

You may need to wear a mask or you may have to keep it on in teh car.  It is a big deal to know what rules to follow because you don’t want to get arrested for candy. That would really be sad.