The packaging is too much to handle

The truth of 2020 is that we are no changing the way we are living in a fundamental way.  The change in our economy has left us all feeling bad about being outside or just stressed because of all the rules and regulations put in place.  It is so much more difficult to shop because of all the fear that has been based upon a populous that believes anything they hear on TV.  It is a sad and rough thing which has brought so many people to change how they do their shopping.  Now we see more people buying online than ever before and they are getting boxes sent to their homes at rates 10 to 500% higher than they were before.  People are shopping for groceries online and getting meals sent to their homes instead of going out to eat and we are buying more things on Amazon than ever.  What this has done is left us all with a ton of extra trash and in some ways very hard times getting rid of it. 

I know that I have tons of cardboard boxes stacking up in my garage and it is all because of my own ordering habits.  The problem is that I can get rid of them simply by putting them in regular trash bags and sending them out with my trash or do the right thing and recycle them.  The issue is that now recycling so much trash has become a real burden and very complicated in my neighborhood.  I know my place is not the only one with limits on how much they can recycle and my own city allows one trashcan per household per week.  That does not give us much space to actually get all of this recyclable material into. 

What I used to do is get a few boxes in a week and simply just toss them in the can.  Along with about one trash bag a week, this fit and was perfectly fine.  But now I am getting around 20 boxes a week and they are simply piling up along with the plastic.  This has put me on a mission to try to break them down wisely.  Now I am an outdoorsman and I know that breaking down cardboard is done best with a box cutter of a nice knife.  The box cutter works well, but they are rather lacking in ergonomics and 20 boxes a week can lead to some pretty hurt hands when breaking them down to put in my recycling trashcan. 

What I have chosen to do is to get a really nice knife that fits my hand very well and is suited to the task.  What I found is that blade steel, handle comfort, and the grind of the blade makes a lot of difference in the task it is put to doing.  If you are missing one of those things for the task you want then the knife will not work very well and you should probably just use a box cutter anyway. 

A big tip is to get a fixed blade knife that fits your hand.  It should also have Powdered Steel.  In 2020 this means the steel must say CPM in from of it.  It is the best process to make the highest end and most edge retentive steels.  You should also look for a flat ground knife.  These are the best for slicing and will aid the most in the task.