Holiday Decoration

As spring is upon us there are a lot of people starting to prepare for Easter. Easter is nice because it is another big holiday that is seperate from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving and Christms can be stressful because they are back-to-back. Easter is a few months later and a much more relaxed time for families to get together. The best part about Easter? Not having to scramble to find gifts for every family member! Families can really just get together to enjoy the food and the company.

My family has also had this tradition of making beautiful foods to display for the arrangement. Like I said previously, Thanksgiving and Christmas just seem to be rushed. We put together great food, but don’t think much about presentation. The pretty pastels are our favorite thing to highlight. The placemats, napkins, plates, and all of the decor are a light pink, purple, blue, or yellow. It is all a part of the art of the feast. LIttle candy eggs and candles throughout the spread.

One of our favorite decorations we have thought of over the years are candy boxes. This centerpiece has been such again for multiple reasons. First, we have the children decorate their candy boxes with all sorts of pastel paint. They always choose to draw such happy pictures to display. Then, the boxes are filled with candy and displayed on the tables and counters for guests to eat at will! It is so nice to grab little treats while waiting for the main course.

The best part about candy boxes is they are perfect for little to-go containers. The thing about large family gatherings is that everyone brings so much food! My family in particular loves to bring sweets, pastries, cakes, and cookies. These type of boxes are perfect to put leftover treats in. All of the treats are separate and will stay intact. Just remember to pop the whole box in the fridge when you get home! It’ll keep for a few days. I always love to enjoy my leftovers for at least a few days. Reward myself for having to prepare for the Easter celebration!

If you haven’t before, think about going outside the box for your decorations. These boxes are durable and will cost you next to nothing. They are fun, interactive little pieces and you can use them even after the celebration is over!