The Most Appropriate Way To Pack And Move Heavy Items

Packing for a move is difficult, and requires a lot of labor. This especially applies to heavy items. Tools from the garden and garage are much harder to pack than shoes or clothing. Getting appliances and large pieces of furniture ready to ship is also challenging. This includes items difficult to handle such as a home safe or a grand piano. There are additionally safety concerns for the mover, and this increases the cost. The cost for a long-distance move is based on the amount of weight, due to the extra time required for loading and unloading heavy items.

The problem is you can’t leave all your heavy possessions behind. There are tips to help you when heavy items must be moved. The right packing materials will protect your items, and make them easier to move for the shippers. These supplies will promote safety while helping prevent any injuries or accidents during the moving process. Double-ply, heavy duty cardboard boxes can hold the weight of heavy items. Specialty boxes should be purchased for valuable and delicate items with weight. Wooden crates work well for heavy items with odd shapes such as artwork.

A thick wrapping will decrease the chances of damage. Foam padding, bubble wrap and moving blankets work very well. Larger bubble wrap, foam padding, packing peanuts and corrugated cardboard are preferable. Heavy tape is required for packing, so the boxes are reinforced. Cheap supplies will not provide enough protection for heavy items. Small boxes with heavy duty tape will keep the boxes secure and properly distribute the weight. Any detachable parts should be removed and packed separately. When possible, equipment should be dismantled, with the most vulnerable parts individually and protectively wrapped. Fragile items must be immobilized.

Any space left in the top of the box should be filled with cushioning materials. The boxes should be firm, so they can be stacked easily. When necessary, boxes can be cut to the correct size. One box can also be sealed within another with bubble wrap for extra protection. Your boxes should be labeled with the contents. The boxes containing breakable items should be labeled fragile, no box should exceed fifty pounds, and all boxes should be labeled this side up. The best piece of advice is to always keep your safety, and the safety of the movers in mind. Use caution when moving items with a lot of weight no matter how well you have packed them. Property damage can be avoided if caution is used when heavy items are removed from your old home. The same applies when these items are moved to your new home. Using the correct techniques for lifting and moving heavy boxes and furniture will help to prevent injuries. Once all your heavy items have been properly loaded into the moving vehicle, make certain they are secured well. This will help stop any jostling or shaking during the move.

Hiring moving professionals will save you a lot of effort, time and headaches. They are experts and very experienced regarding moving heavy items. They posses the correct tools, and understand what is necessary to ensure your move is both efficient and safe. The general rule is if any item has a weight exceeding fifty pounds, a professional mover should be the one to pack and move the item.