A Special Candy Box Treat for a Special Day

I love creating things. So, I began a search for fun ways to give gifts. While searching through a number of web pages I stumbled upon a great find. Lovely paper candy boxes to hold chocolate delights that would make a wonderful DIY gift project. These boxes can be purchased online.

This fits in with my idea to give friends my fantastic chocolate creations for Valentine. Then I realized these boxes were a little out of my price range. However, I was not daunted by this realization. I decided to search further for a way to make these boxes affordable.

Finally, I found flat boxes at the local discount store for a song, and was able to quickly-transform these paper boxes into exactly what I needed. I took these creative little boxes and placed delicious truffles in them, that I made by the way, and produced gifts for all my friends.

Here are the things you need for the boxes:

A paintbrush
Glue stick
Non-toxic acrylic paint
Small paper boxes found at local discount or grocery stores
Use decorating paper of your choice

Putting your creation together:

Begin the process by removing anything inside the boxes. Now take the acrylic paint and cover the inside top of the boxes and the inside surface of the boxes. You can cover the sides if you are feeling an extreme creative moment. If the boxes are darkly colored, they may require a second layer of paint.

Now that you have, your boxes painted take your decorative paper and cut it to the shape of the boxes. Now, glue the paper along the top lid of the boxes. You will be amazed at the beautiful transformation.

Now, your decorative boxes are ready for your chocolate treasures. In addition, you can place crepe wrapping inside the candy boxes. Pieces of baking sheets will work as well. This gives it that store bought look.

Below I am sharing a wonderful recipe for truffles:

2 ½ cups of your favorite cereal (fruit loops are great)
Marshmallow cream (1-7oz. cup)
Gel food coloring
Condensed milk (1-14oz. can)
White chocolate bits (2-12oz. bags)


Prepare a cooking pan with parchment paper. Take one package of chocolate and melt it down in a bowl. This is done over a Dutch cooker, microwave, or over a pot of boiling water. Whichever is easier, if you use a microwave stir every 30 seconds.

Take a large mixing bowl. Place the cereal, chocolate, condensed milk, and marshmallow cream into a single mixture. After the ingredients are blended, pour the mixture into the pan with the chocolate. Freeze for at least three hours. After the cooling process take a small scooper or spoon, dip the batter, and shape into balls.

Place balls on a cookie sheet and refrigerate. Repeat the process with the rest of the ingredient. The gel is used to color the balls. Before the sprinkles dip the truffles into the remaining white chocolate, then roll the balls in sprinkles.