How a Cardboard Box Can Be Transformed Into a More Valuable Piece

While cardboards are commonly used for storing items in garages and packaging items for businesses, there are many other more creative and less orthodox ways to use cardboard boxes. From this article, you will learn rare but much practical uses of cardboard boxes, although it is obvious that there are infinite uses for the cardboard box.

Decorative Storage
In many homes where storage space is a problem, cardboard boxes are more often than not used to pack up items. But while many may be discouraged to use them just because they aren’t the most attractive method of storage, there are easy ways in which they can be transformed into a good looking and fantastic to possess and display. For the most common way to cover up, many people cut up pieces and attractive images or stickers and stick them on the boxes. However, if you want your boxes to be in synchrony with your décor, you could just cover them with the same wallpaper or paint that you have used on your wall.

Keepsake Box
It is quite common for one to have many of his photographs lying in different parts of the house; be in drawers or cupboards. Yet again, others may have large collections of postcards and photograph collections from a myriad of locations. A cardboard box may come in handy as it can be used as a classic keepsake box where you can keep those things together and easily access them whenever you want to go through them, bringing back the memories with your friends and family.

Play Items for Kids
Give a child a box and they will transform it into anything their minds can think of; a space rocket, house or car. As a parent, you can pick up from here and develop something that will fascinate your child. You could make a doll’s house, a spaceship, a fire engine, a puppet theater or a robot. The fun of it is that you could involve your kids in its design and painting.

Desk Tidy
With papers lying all over your work place, they are likely to cause stress and distractions and in a way reduce your efficiency. This can be corrected by tidying the messed up desk and thus boost productivity. It is easy to use a cardboard for this and fit it to your needs. You could cut out its lid and use it to make dividers for the remaining shell of the box. In the compartments so created, you could use them for different reasons; for stationary, you could use a toilet roll holder to make a pen pot. Again, you can make look as attractive as you want by painting or putting stickers.

Jewellery Box
If you have a problem or constantly losing your jewellery and other accessories, you can make a box to hold them. Depending on how you want it, you could make it attractive by either painting it then covering it with pretty buttons else fix beads and crystals by use of a hot glue gun.

Children’s Toy Box
Apart from making toys, you could use a cardboard box to make a toy holder where you could put all your small toys, dolls and toy cars. To make it even more appealing to your children, paint it or put stickers of their favorite characters.