Tutorial: Making Presents Look Costlier Than They Actually Were

Sometimes, you find someone receiving a gift, and you see their face of disapproval, even if they are trying to fake it as much as they can. It is something natural, presents build up such a level of expectancy that is rarely matched with the real gift. Sometimes, this failure lies in how simple the present are, even if the intentions were the best.

An excellent way to work around this issue is to make an expensive present only look costlier than it was. Baskets are a great way to start since they are easy to make and easy to fake. Decoration and attention to detail are the key principles of creating a basket that looks expensive.

This kind of procedure can also be used to make candy boxes, as we receive tons of requests to talk about them.

Sometimes, you have to make something that stands out, even if you’re on a budget. The person might be extremely special to you, or you own that person big time. Maybe it’s more than a person, but a group of individuals that you want to gift. Maybe it’s a couple, and you are congratulating them.

Whatever is the reason, this is how you start.

Some important steps need to be carefully analyzed to make present baskets or Candy Boxes that have a lot of attention to detail. Think about large boxes or baskets, because bigger means more expensive. Large present boxes, tall jars and multi-decorated baskets are the first steps to making a gift look much more expensive than it actually was.

First, you have to plan the Basket that you are going to use, or, in the case of the box, the container or jar. You can use stuffing or shred as well. You can use your own shred if you have the time to cut out the strips with a scissor, but they can be bought otherwise. You can even use tissue paper, as well as an old newspaper or a glossy colored paper.

Then, you’ll need cellophane or a transparent wrap to use later.

Lastly, the decorations, ornaments, gift cards and other personal items can be added at the end and should be. Flowers, decorative pins, painting, ribbons, anything that speaks loud about your intentions.

Of course, let’s not forget the presents that are going to be inserted inside the basket. This part is the most important one, and it gives a great impression if done right.

Wrap the basket in a cellophane wrap. When you do, make sure you’ve left a gather on top for it to look much bigger than it is.

There should be some theme attached to the present, and your decorations should all fit that theme you’ve chosen. This creates a pattern, and patterns mean a lot of attention to details.

Although the decoration is optional and dependent on each person, it’s highly advisable to use a colored ribbon to tie the cellophane and also decorate other parts of the basket with ribbons. It creates a very friendly atmosphere for the gift.

There are many options to choose from, and they can all be searched online. There are great gift baskets to be inspired from on the internet, and they all fit the most used themes: Christmas, Valentine, Birthday, and the list goes on.

For the presents, you can include food, candies, candy boxes (A box inside a box!) or anything that you know your gifted person or group will relate to.

If you practice enough, these pieces of art can even be sold, as there are many women that like buying customized baskets to gift their relatives and loved ones.

What are you waiting for? Go do it yourself!