A Few Creative Ways to Decorate

Most walls are a blank canvas just begging to be used, but that’s easier said than done.  For one thing, artwork can be incredibly expensive, especially the larger pieces.  For another, it takes a lot of creative vision.  The internet is just brimming with DIY tutorials for stunning artwork (you would be surprised how many of them use cardboard boxes!).  Here are just a few:

  • Whoever said that wall décor had to be pictures and paintings? Not I, says the person who can’t paint so save her life and has no photography skills whatsoever.  The alternative is buying a large canvas from your local craft store (Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have theirs on sale most of the time, or there are always coupons for both places).  Then, paint song lyrics on your favorite poem in your own handwriting!  Cursive looks the coolest, in my opinion.


  • One of my favorite DIY art pieces is a hanging fringe tapestry. All you need are some dowel rods, some string to hang the tapestry, and some colorful string to make the fringe with.  Make a rope ladder type design with the dowel rods, and then hang the fringe in different lengths and spots along the dowels.  Cut triangles into the fringe when you are done to add extra dimensions.
  • Do you have a lot of cardboard boxes laying around? Cut out varying sizes of squares and lay them overtop of each other to make a geometric, 3D mosaic.  Spray paint whatever color you want and no one would ever be able to tell this magnificent piece’s humble beginnings.


  • Making artwork can be as simple as grabbing paint swatches from your local hardware store and using them to make “modern art”. You can overlay it with some big block letters that say something, or just leave it plain.
  • Tissue paper pomp oms can be made in all shapes and styles, and they look seriously cool. The most amazing way I saw of these being used was an enormous overhanging of them in, no two the same, covering a large portion of the tallest wall in the house.
  • Mentioning cardboard boxes again, you can make anything from lamps to deer heads to bookshelves with these! Type in “cardboard art projects” and you will have enough options to last you a lifetime.


  • Finally, you can do anything with photographs! And the awesome thing is that you can get large photos printed at stores like Target or Wal-Mart, and even get them done online and shipped to your house, too.  Print them black and white and then embellish using nail polish or paper flowers.