Cheap Moving Boxes or Bust

Cheap moving boxes are a must for the moving process.  With how expensive the entire moving process is, it is essential that the packing materials be of a decent price.  After all, you only wind up using them once, so what’s the point in spending a lot of money on them?  It isn’t entirely necessary to invest in the really expensive, really heavy duty boxes.  Maybe for heaviest stuff, like the kitchen supplies and books, but for the most part our belongings don’t wind up weighing that much and they don’t need triple reinforced corrugated cardboard to get them point A to point B without mishap.

Many companies boast that they are selling cheap moving boxes, but it is helpful to make some comparisons between providers before deciding who, in fact, is actually doing so and is, therefore, the best fit for your investment.


Let’s completely take local, through the door type stores off the table.  It is safe to say these places are not going to be offering you the most bang for our buck.  These companies have to pay the middle-man and so their products are going to be priced higher than what you want.  They might be a good resource for your simple packaging and shipping needs, but not for something as huge as a move.

Which brings us to on-line providers.  On-line providers are the middle man that the local companies have to compensate for, which is why you are going to get a better deal.  There is no need to cover the costs of shipping to the local stores and all that jazz.  The product will be shipped directly to your door!

First and foremost, online companies offer bulk products at wholesale prices.  This is the first thing that you need to compare.  How much product is coming with what price?  Don’t be fooled by lower dollars.  One place could offer twenty-five boxes for twenty-five dollars.  Another place could offer twenty boxes for twenty-one dollars.  You might be originally attracted to the idea of saving four bucks, but you will find that you are losing a “free” box at that price.  Now, if they are selling twenty boxes at nineteen dollars, that’s the better deal!

Secondly, make sure that shipping costs aren’t going to negate all of the saving that you worked hard to configure.  Most of these companies offer free shipping, but some of them won’t.  At the same time, a lot of them will offer coupon codes for free shipping that are easy to come across.  Either way, when looking for cheap moving boxes make sure that is what you wind up with!