What Good Are Cheap Moving Boxes?

That’s more or less a rhetorical question.  Cheap moving boxes are amazing, and awesome, and super convenient.  So they are obviously a lot of good (not sure if that that statement is grammatically correct, but I’m going to go with it).

The next question would be this: what is the difference cheap moving boxes and expensive moving boxes?  I mean, why not have them all the same for an incredibly low and feasible price?  Well, there are a couple reasons as to why this is the way it is.  One of them has to do with money.  Actually, all of them have to do with money.


Usually it’s the name brands that are the more expensive, and they generally tend to be the better quality.  U-Haul can afford to make really strong boxes because they bring in a lot of cash.  And they bring in even more cash from selling their really strong boxes and really strong prices.  Ridiculous prices, in fact.  And people will continue spending the ridiculous prices because they know U-Haul and they know they have a lot of money and can afford to put out a reliable product.  Is this making sense?  Not only that, you know that when you are dealing with a big company like U-Haul you are likely to have great customer service and also to be well compensated if something doesn’t work out well.  This is because they have the extra funds to compensate you sufficiently, instead of just the “I’m sorry”, or even the “I don’t really care”, from the lower income companies that make the cheap moving boxes.

But I mean, a box is a box is a box, you know.  I gravitate towards the less expensive kinds because I’m dealing with cardboard boxes.  If I wanted to buy an Xbox One I probably wouldn’t go the cheap route because I want the warranty and all the safety precautions.  If I’m spending a ton of money on something that I intend on using for an extended period of time (i.e. years) than I am going to go the extra mile to ensure the least amount of problem.  This isn’t a reality when it comes to boxes, which is why I will always go with the cheap ones.  It’s just boxes.  So I will order cheap moving boxes from a tiny online reality and chalk it up to the fact that I’m dealing with cardboard with one of them bends or breaks.