Bin Liners for Sale

One of the things I love the most at is the variety that they have to offer. For example, I recently went to the website in search of trash bags. I found bin liners of all shapes and sizes! Yes, I found garbage bags, which are technically bin liners, but I also found the real deal, which are the bags that go inside of enormous cardboard boxes. is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. Have you ever tried doing business with a company that is not accredited? Well, I do not suggest it. It will wind up being a terrible experience. We once used a moving company that apparently had no real credentials and, although the company did move our stuff and did a fine job of it, they completely scammed us in the process.

After weeks of trying to get ahold of them I finally got in touch with a Russian man who forwarded me to someone else, who admitted that he had dealt dishonestly but how else was he supposed to make his money? This is seriously a true story, even right down to the Russian guy. It was very weird. And is NOT the type of experience you will have at Why? Because of that awesome little picture at the top of the page with blue torch looking thing against a white background.

This is how you know that the bin liners you are ordering will actually be bin liners, and they will actually come in the mail. Nothing sucks worse than knowing someone pulled one over on you, and got richer from it to boot. That’s not going to happen at They have the inventory to back it up, too. The bin liners come on rolls, with each bag perforated so that you just have to unroll one at a time and pull it off.

The sides are gusseted so that the entire space of the bin can be utilized. It is important to remember, though, when purchasing pin liners to add an inch to the width and depth of the box, and six inches to the height, so that you know the bag you are getting is going to be roomy enough. Starting at 1.5 mil and going all the way up to 4 mil, there are probably a hundred different sizes to choose from, and that is not an exaggeration! Or not too big of one, anyway…