Where Can I Find Shipping Boxes Wholesale?

Isn’t it kind of annoying when someone answers a question with a question? (A funny pun would be you replying with, “When isn’t it?”). Seriously, though, it’s annoying as heck, but also pretty funny if you are the one doing it to someone else. It can also be a pretty amusing party trick when you and your friends are sitting around the booth at Denny’s, all of you hung over and waiting for your hot chocolate and roast beef to come through, because you all ordered the exact same thing because apparently that was the hangover food of the day (this may or not have happened to someone I know, or myself). But yeah, you can sit there and try to answer a question with a question for a long time, and it can be a good time. In this case, the question is: Where can I find shipping boxes wholesale?

And then I go, “Have you ever been to PackagingSupplies.com?”

And you go, “What is that?”

At which point I will have to break the cycle by explaining that PackagingSupplies.com is a website that, believe it or not, sells packaging supplies. Naturally, this would be the place to find shipping boxes wholesale. From literally hundreds of options of shapes, sizes, and styles, PackagingSupplies.com more or less takes the cake when it comes to shipping boxes, or wholesale in general. From garbage bags to hazardous shipping containers to cellophane wrap, all sold by the bundle, it’s a pretty unique shopping experience. I have to admit that I have fun just scrolling through the options when I visit the website.
You might say, “It’s really that easy?”

And I would reply with something like, “Is the Pope Catholic?” (No offense to any and all Catholics. Hopefully you can recognize that this is a figure of speech in the form of a question in order to make a point. The point being: yes, it’s really that easy because, yes, the Pope is Catholic).

You might not really believe me, so you would probably try again: “At PackagingSupplies.com I can really find shipping boxes wholesale?”

At which point my face will probably produce a sly grin of some sort and I will retort: “Was Abe Lincoln honest?” Well, needless to say we all know that Abe Lincoln was honest, which is why he was called Honest Abe. Once again, the use of a figure of speech in the form of a question in order to make a point. So are you getting the point? That you can find shipping boxes wholesale at PackagingSupplies.com, and numerous other shipping supplies? I hope so, because it’s as Catholic as Abe is honest.