Bubble Wrap Fun 

Bubble wrap is something that was invented back in 1957, but the applications of this do vary. It’s protected everything from fragile items to even entertainment components and is entertaining in it of itself. Bubble wrap is something that is definitely fun to pop. 

Usually, it’s called bubble wrapping or air bubble packages, and this does vary in sizes. You can get ones with tiny bubbles, to even bubbles that go cutover an inch, in order to protect everything while still offering a fun, popping sensation when you push down on it. 

Type of Bubble Poppers 

A lot of us like to pop bubbles and it’s something that we find enjoyable. However, everyone pops bubbles different. There’s a little bit that you need to know about every kind of bubble popper. 

First, you’ve got the stomper, who just likes to stomp on this, whether with their feet or by walking and jumping, until the bubbles are popped. You have the wringer, who rolls it into a large sheet, twisting it after. 

There is the basher, who knows how to hit this with their first, or with other kinds of items against the bubble wrap over a harder surface. There is the crusher, where if you get bubble wrapping, squeeze it real hard, you literally crush it. Finally, there is the dainty popper, where you pop them a single one each at a time, or they squeeze the bubbles in a way that makes them roll until they slowly start to pop, doing this slowly but surely. 

The bubble types 

There are actually different kinds of bubble types that these have, and they involve a lot of cool types. First, you’ve got the snappies, which are bubbles that are loud and get popped easily. There is the fighter, where it flattens without even popping, even if you struggle to get it to finally burst out. 

There is the woosher, which is the least fun one, and they just get flat, without the popping sound. The name comes from the “woosh” sound that’s made when they begin to flatten up. There are buddies, which are bubbles that when they get compressed together, the air escapes to the next bubble rather than popping. Finally, you’ve got the edges, which are basically a bubble that’s against the edge part of the sheet of bubble wrap. 

The etiquette for bubble Wrapping 

When you’re working with bubble wrap, you’re gonna feel the urge to pop it. While it works well as a way to cushion, if you’re a fan of popping these, there is joy there. If you want to do this, you should definitely share it with others, especially if it’s for someone who is younger.  You should try to share it with kids, since it makes them happy, and it’s something that you’ll feel good about. 

You shouldn’t pop these bubbles if they’re not yours, and if other people want to not have them popped, then don’t bother to pop it.  Other people may not like it if you pop the bubble wrap that they wanted to. Tr to avoid doing the popping in places with quiet sounds, since it’s loud. 

While it may be fun to do this wherever, try to avoid doing this in libraries or other places where you should be quiet. Bubble wrap is fun, simple, and it helps you get the most out of this, and you’ll realize that, with this, you’ll get a whole lot of amazing benefits, and it can make the fun of popping bubbles not just good for the here and now, but down the road.