Factors to Consider with International Shipping

For those who do business on the internet, you probably will get some international customers every now and then. There are some big little differences in how they handle packaging and different things for you to consider. Here, we’ll go over the three biggest factors, and the most important tips that come with actually dealing with these types of customers. 

Be mindful of Rates

The rates change a lot the second you bring international shipping into the fray. What this means is that the changes can oftentimes be something that can actually change within the company website itself. Singing up for newsletters and alerts is a good way to be abreast of changes, and it also lets you know how to prepare the package. 

Remember that with international shipping, the smallest is the best way for you to go, especially in weights and sizes. Compact, lightweight kinds of packages usually offer faster and cheaper delivery, provided there is a measurement that lets you know of the dimensions that are exceeded. Before you mark a package to send, you should also check the current rates, choosing the cheapest one, and also see if they do offer batched shipping to take off the price as best as you can. 

Know what’s Not sendable 

There are certain items that you can and can’t send to certain countries. Usually, there are certain items that customers usually know about, but some are random, and you may not know this until it’s too late. Some alcohol, foodstuffs, seeds, and plants and even tableware are actually banned from shipping in the US for various reasons. 

It’s similar in other countries too. If you send this as well, customs will actually hold it, resulting in legal problems and fines too. Before you ship off a package, you should always check to ensure that it’s allowed there. 

The Right Packaging matters. 

The other thing is that you should always make sure that your packaging is good for the journey ahead. Having the address, return address, and the postage is very important, but there are different other factors that also need to be focused on too. Some may require markings that are extra, and different tags and different paperwork too. 

When you ship to other countries, find out the regulations, and also make sure that you have itemized lists of the contents that are on the outer parts of this, including the manufacturer of this, and the price as well, and also have this on hand too in the event that the package is lost. You should always make sure that you have the proper filler, and some packaging tape that’s good for sealing this, since of course, it will help to ensure that everything is properly secured and sealed throughout the journey itself. 

Having a secret package will offer a faster journey for lots of people, especially if there is some worry about this too. With that said, you also should try to maybe add a little bit of branding to this too. Even branded tissue paper and stickers letting people know the logos and your brand’s existence are always very important for people to see. 

Woman with padded envelope and parcels on floor

Why? It’s because you’re going to have to show to others who you are, and these international customers should be treated in the same vein as those regular customers within the country. With that in mind, you should always consider international hipping if it can fit into the budget, and also consider these three factors when shipping out something and be mindful of the changes as well too.