What is Crinkle Paper and What is it Used for?

You may wonder how crinkle paper can help your small business, and we’ll discuss here just what it can do. For eCommerce businesses that deal with shipping products, you probably know a lot about why it’s important to have good brand packaging materials, and crinkle paper helps with this since it actually is a packaging protector. So what is it? It’s basically shredded paper that’s been crinkled, which is a fancy word for folded up similar to an accordion. This is used in packaging so that the items don’t move around, and also helps to enhance the presentation that you’re giving to consumers. 

Ways to use this 

First, you can use this for gift baskets that you have.  Crinkle-cut paper that’s used in a gift basket allows for better design options out there. You can also get colored crinkle paper, although the most common type is usually white, but if you order to make your own crinkle paper that’s colored, it adds a bit of flair to the items which you’re shipping, improving the functionality and usage of your brand. 

You also can use this for shipping. It’s a form of cushioning, and also prevents the products themselves from getting damaged. Using this from all sides will help prevent the goods that may be in there from getting damaged during transit, and a lot of people do like to use it for this reason. You can also use this for both reasons. If you have a gift basket for example that you want to really stand out, using crinkle cut paper is a great way to help with this, since it ultimately can help with improving the looks of this, and also help with improving the state of protection for this as well. 

Eco Friendly Options 

You may wonder if this is an eco-friendly option for packaging? The answer is yes. Compared to packing peanuts and bubble wrap, this type of packaging filler is actually pretty green. It offers safe and effective shipping for a lot of people. With crinkle paper, people choose this over-packing peanut and the like since it offers greener options and less materials which are needed for the shipping that’s there. 

This does help with the environment, since with less resources, there is less hassle and harm towards the environment, and this, of course, can effectively and without fail also help a lot of people with this, and of course, it can definitely benefit them too. For a lot of companies, crinkle paper is something they can use for t5heir shipping needs. It’s not ideal for everyone, but for some people, this is a safe, effective method of shipping that can ultimately help you and others. 

If you want to use it, go for it. They’re available in a wide variety of colors these days, and you can even get it custom-made for a lot of people so that it can offer the highest quality options there. It is pretty cool, since you can make the shipment easy for you to do, and it can as well offer the best and most rewarding means for you to easily and effectively create the best results possible. 

A lot of people like to use it for their packing needs, and there are plenty of packaging companies which can help you with this, and it can also help to decorate the shipping now, and it also can offer the best protection possible for your company, both now, and also down the line with what you need.