Cheeky Toilet Paper Packaging Helps you with Inaccessibility of Toilets 

A toilet paper company called Who Gives a Crap, based in Australia, is now taking sanitation in the world much more seriously, but not without a little bit of potty humor in the design and packaging. The new Where’s the Loo limited-edition packaging is a 100% sustainable bamboo toilet paper that highlights a global problem. 

Toilet inaccessibility. 

This is a fun, engaging, and cool toilet paper brand that features different locales, including NYC and the great wall of China. Every single one of these wrapper designs does have a hidden toilet consumers can discover. The art is done by Owen Lindsey, who made sure to design the graphics. The limited-edition image shines a light on the lack of toilets in different locations, and the sanitation issues that come with this. 

This is a B corps certified type of toilet paper, where half of the profits go to sanitation projects around the world. This toilet paper does have different wrapped rolls of three-ply paper, and it has artwork on the outside, and on the inside, which does match the graphics for this. It definitely is a fun little surprise, where the inside of this is printed, to the delight and experience of packaging and unpackaging the toilet paper, offering a really joyful experience. This is a total bamboo and recycled toilet paper that doesn’t come with boxes that have an outside design, but they do offer something cheeky to the fray on the inner parts of this. 

All of this is made from totally renewable materials, and the selling of this toilet paper and bamboo tissues, along with the paper towels that come with a blend of sugarcane, offers a really good blend of 100% plant-based cloths for cleaning. Once in the past, in order to buy the product that was better for the world around you, you had to compromise, and usually, they would cost more, with a lot of boring work to it. But with Who Gives a Crap, this does flip it on the head, which means that buying toilet paper is a lot more delightful for the planet, doesn’t come with compromises, and the limited-edition nature really reflects on this. 

Not to mention it’s a fun little addition for most bathrooms, since a ton of people who do use this will benefit from the whimsical, intricate designs that come from this one too, and there are little details that definitely come in the packaging. For those who want a fun little product that comes with some of the coolest graphics imaginable for this sort of thing, they’re in luck. You can of course with this, really change the way you feel about your toilet paper needs with this one, offering a much more pronounced, and much better means for you to truly improve on this. There are some fun and cool designs, in some really bright colors, all depicting some crazy locations, which may struggle with toilet inaccessibility, a big problem for some people who are struggling with this. 

But luckily, with Who gives a crap, you’ll be able to definitely change the way your whole world is, and with the idea of branded packaging being something new, effective, and innovative, it’s no wonder why people will choose to use this, and also to really get the most out of their toilet paper needs through the use of this wonderful product, and of course, helping to give back a little bit to the community too is also a good program, and a great way to make it.