Benefits of Biodegradable Packaging 

Eco-friendly packaging has different qualities, whether it be recycled packaging made from cardboard, plastics, or paper, there’s a lot. What does biodegradable packaging bring to the table though? 

Read on to find out. 

What is It? 

The simple answer is that it’s packaging that does break down and degrade as time goes forward, and while there isn’t a metric for measuring this, usually it’s anywhere from 3-6 months before fully broken down. 

Once it’s been fully decomposed, it doesn’t also leave behind bad chemicals, or other bad substances. It also is a good option for food-based companies since it doesn’t make someone feel guilty for not doing so.

Composing packaging is pretty much the same thing, but it’s faster, and you also can do biodegradable as well. 

How does it compare though? 

Recycled packaging is good, but the thing is, only 10% of it does get recycled, which means that there is a lot of recycled items just sitting there in the landfills and crating big issues too. 

So what can biodegradable packaging bring to the table? 

Well for one it’s more versatile, functional, and eco-friendly, but let’s go into the benefits. 

The Benefits of Biodegradable Packaging 

First and foremost, it’s not as harmful to produce, and you can recycle more natural items such as cardboard to make this better, which means there’s less energy needed to make this, creating a greener business because of this. 

It also preserves the natural resources, since as the energy is saved, the creation does preserve the resources which are dwindling. This isn’t made from oils and such, but instead from managed forests and other renewable means, which means it’s a whole lot safer. 

It’s also safer for humans to use, since there aren’t as many harmful chemicals as possible that can compromise the health of humans. The chemicals in this won’t get onto the food of customers, and this is much safer than just the takeout boxes that have plastics and other chemicals in them. 

It actually also will feed the microorganisms too.  Biodegradable packaging does break down over time, and it will benefit your environment. 

When this does break down, it feeds fungi, bacteria, and other kinds of microorganisms. It does create a better loop as well, letting nature get the materials that have benefitted it up to this point. 

Finally, it beefs up customer experience. You actually can offer eco-friendly options that will be tossed out without causing trouble for the environment. 

This does help customers, because if you’re a food production company, this definitely will prevent undue harm that’s there. 

It certainly is something that can help with your brand too, since it means that you’re offering eco-friendly options for packaging, but also making it easier for them to get rid of rather than just trying to find a recycling plant

But what’s the Verdict? Should you use it? 

The simple answer is yes. 

Plastic-free and biodegradable packaging are the future, since it definitely offers a better look to the brand, and much better results down the line too. 

With that said, take a look and see if this type of packaging is ideal for you, and whether or not you want to do this as part of the green experience. 

If you do think that this is good for you, then by all means, definitely do so. 

But also look at whether or not your customers want this. If they want a green experience with their product packaging, don’t just give them recyclables. Take it to the next step, and you can do so through this and get the best results.