The Many Beneficial Uses of Chipboard

Chipboard paper is a highly useful and versatile material that is beneficial for use in packaging. It is also commonly referred to as paperboard. Chipboard is composed of 100 percent recycled paper that is then formed into layers. After this, the layers are glued together into a smooth, firm sheet. Chipboard sheets are durable and come in a wide variety of different thicknesses/densities. It is a material that is ideal for a wide variety of uses such as scrapbooking, crafting, commercial/industrial uses, and packaging/shipping.

Chipboard’s Uses in Packaging/Shipping

The use of corrugated cardboard is indeed highly prevalent within the realm of packaging and shipping. It is not always necessary to go this route though. In many cases, chipboard is a better option. This is the case when dealing with items that do not require the same kind of protection that is provided by corrugated cardboard. It is particularly useful for packaging and shipping out apparel items or any other items that can ship successfully without the protection provided by corrugated cardboard.

Chipboard differs from corrugated cardboard in the fact that it is not hollow. This means that it is thinner when compared to the corrugated cardboard alternative. Though this is the case, chipboard can still be formed into shipping materials such as cartons, boxes, and sheets of various strengths and sizes. The bottom line is the fact that chipboard can be a money-saving option as well as a space-saver. These are all key reasons why it is such a popular option these days.

Uses for Chipboard Pads

Chipboard can be made into highly useful pads. The pads can be inserted into any type of shipping mailer as a way to offer additional protection and support to the items being sent out. It is an ideal way to protect items such as artwork, documents, and photos, among many other possibilities. 

Chipboard’s Usefulness as Apparel Boxes

Shipping out apparel items is one of the most popular uses of chipboard. These items often do not require the level of protection and support afforded by corrugated cardboard. In the case of shipping out apparel, chipboard is often an excellent option and one that is more cost-effective than using cardboard. Using chipboard apparel boxes helps you to keep the items neatly folded and presentable for their journey to their destination.

Chipboard Is Ideal for Gift Boxes

Chipboard is also a great choice for gift boxes. Gift boxes and folding cartons made from chipboard work great for items that are lightweight and small. This includes items such as spare parts, jewelry, gifts, and business cards, among many other possible items that can be shipped this way. These gift boxes/folding cartons come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes so you are sure to be able to find ones that will meet your requirements.

Chipboard Is a Material That Is Always Useful to Have Around

As you can see, chipboard is a material that is highly versatile and useful for packaging and shipping needs. Whether you run a business that routinely ships out products or you are simply looking for a cost-effective shipping material for personal uses, chipboard is often your best option.