Preparing to Shop in 2020

This year I have seen some crazy things happen and that is usually the normal for an election year.  But this year I have seen the legitimate change in how our country works and the way we are allowed to live.  It has finally happened where the individual states have declared a form of Martial Law and are now each ran by a single person with zero accountability to our legislative side.  The fact is that now our legislation is not even attempting to stop the martial law.  This has led to a lot of regulations and limitations put on the citizens of Untied States.  We are now seeing many violations that can put you in prison just by being outside of your home on the wrong time and even for not wearing a piece of clothing.  So when you are preparing for the next grocery store and all the insane lines that will await, I want to help you not get arrested on your way to maybe just get some tastsy candy boxes.

The first thing to know is that every location is regulated differently now in the united states.  If you live on the border of a state and shop in another you may be arrested for simply crossing the border without being medicalyl tested for COVID-19.  This is rather insane, but be careful and know what location you are going to be shopping in.  You must know the law to not be incarserated or fined for simply shopping.  THis doesn’t help your family and it wont help you out either.  So first find the state, then city, and then county you are going to be traveling to and each one you will be traveling through. 

Once you know the locatin of the shopping market you are going to and which locations you will be traveling through you need to know the laws of each.  Some can be drasticalyl different and most likely each will have less common sense illegal laws then the other.  But if you don’t want to fight the police for the possible enjoyment of you favorite candy boxes then you need to follow the law no matter how insane it is.  So go to each website for that locaiton and read their COVID-19 policy and follow it to a tee.  This is indeed a sad thing to have to do simply to go shopping. But if you don’t wear you mask in your own car or pssibly put it on outside before going into a store you could be arrested.  If you shop after 10Pm in some locatino you could be arrested as well.  Martial law has been implimented across the United States and you need to know if that is happening in your shopping location.

classic warehouse with pallet 3d rendering image

Now once you are in the shopping market if you see someone not following the law makes sure they are not a different race than your own.  It is now a prosecutable crime if you accuse a non white individual of breaking the law if you are indeed white.  Racism against all races is now a crime and the fact is that any attempt to call out a non white person in America could put you in prison as well.  At the very least it will get you banned from that store for life