Cake and Candy

Ever since I was young I really liked making food.  I think it came from my Mom because she was always baking.  A little bit of my passion came from my Dad as well since he would always make breakfast in the mornings. Both of my parents were happy to let me tag along and make breakfast or bake with them and I found it to be fun most of the time.

Candy Dish Layered Cake

  Either way it sure was a great way to spend time with them and that may have been the base of the foundation for it on both ends.  Taking the love for making food I actually have continued to do it and found out some great things.  One of my favorite things was the ability to make a candy cake.  It is really a pudding cake which involves any of your favorite candy boxes dn some other good things as well.  Let’s go through how to make one.

The first and most important part of the whole process is having a giant bowl.  I mean a popcorn sized bowl which is at least 1.5 feet wide more like two feet wide and a foot deep.  If you don’t have one when you go to the grocery store to get your candy boxes and cake mixes you need to pick one up.  The heart of the candy cake is to be able to layer it all in one place and it takes a lot of space to be able to do that.

Next you need ingredients.  So head to your local store and follow social distancing rules.  What you are looking for is two boxes of chocolate jello pudding and two boxes of chocolate cake mix.  Then make sure you have the eggs and milk on hand to be able to utilize those mixes.  Then and most important is to pick you favorite chocolate candy.  For me this is reeses peanut butter cups. Grab a whole bag of them because you will need it.  Then get two bowls of whipped cream.  That is all you will need.

Now when you get home, bake both boxes of chocolate cake in separate pans. Then set them aside to cool.  Make the two packets of chocolate jello pudding and get them ready in a bowl. Now cut the cake into small cake piece squares and make a layer in the popcorn bowl. Then spread a thin layer of jello pudding and whipped cream on top. Then add some reese peanut butter cups. And after that keep layering in the same fashion till the bowl is filled. Then on top just put the rest of the pudding and whipped cream and place reese cups on top. Yum, enjoy your easy breezy beautiful candy cake.