As I start my third week staying at home I have resorted to all of the responsibilities I was trying to avoid the first two weeks. I did a little cleaning here and there, but I mostly left the hard chores until now. I could continue to put them off, but I really don’t think I should rewatch the same Netflix series for the third time in a row. I decided the bathroom would be my next adventure. There are so many cabinets and drawers filled with clutter and junk and things I even forgot I had.

My main goal is get everything off the sink countertop. I do not like the look of a messy countertop and it is so hard to keep everything clean when I have to move fifteen little bottles of products off the counter just to wipe it down with a damp rag. I much prefer to have things stored in the drawers below the sink for easy access and so the top of the sink stays nice and fresh. Maybe I could even put one little fake plant there to really make it fresh. Of course I would keep my soap dispenser, but I really think everything else is going to have to find another home.

One thing I have considered building is a little shelf area next to the sink. This would allow cute little mason jars to hold everyday items like toothbrushes and cotton balls. While I am thinking about hanging things on the wall I realize I have no decor in my bathroom at all. It really could afford to atleast have a few pictures or something here. Just recently I switched to a light blue and cream shower curtain. I could stay with this theme and add some blues and creams into the mix.

One thing I really need to organize is all of my jewelry just sitting in clumps and tangling. The way I have my jewelry makes it almost impossible to just easily pick something out and put it on. First I have to dig through all the intertwined chains to pick something, then I have to sit there and try to untangle it loose. Most of the time I end up just giving up and finding something else. My temporary solution for this is candy boxes. I do have to spend time taking all of the jewelry apart. But when it is taken apart all I have to do is sort them individually into candy boxes. The candy trays keep them seperate and safe from entanglement! I have even found some beautiful boxes so I think this could become my permanent solution.