Rainy Day Plans for the Summer

Now that we’re beyond Memorial Day Weekend and June is just a few days away, there’s only one major holiday in sight for the next handful of months.

Well, at least there’s only one holiday that matters for children in the next few months. While adults still have Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day all within the next 100 days, kids usually only look forward to Independence Day as it’s the only one “exciting” and fun for them out of that spread.

So, what’s a good way to keep your kids having fun throughout the summer while also feeling like they have weekends to look forward to from one month to the next?

My proposal? Trips to the movies.

Kids love going to the theaters, even if they don’t necessarily enjoy the actual film. There’s something about popcorn, candy, a big dark room, and the first time seeing a new film. It’s mysterious. It’s engaging. It’s unique.

Basically, kids look at a trip to the movies as a mini holiday of sorts. And there’s no better way to fill summer weekends (especially those that rain out any plans you may have had for them) than with a trip to the theater.

If you’re looking to cut back on costs during these weekends, too, the number one thing I can tell you is to spend money for a small bucket of popcorn and don’t buy candy boxes at the theater. In fact, you may only have to spend enough for your ticket, your kids’ tickets, and then a single small popcorn if you play your cards right.

Here’s the thing: You’re either a mom who has access to a purse to bring in or you’re a dad with big pockets. Guess what you can sneak into the theater so that you don’t have to pay for candy inside? That’s right: candy boxes from the store.

And with a small popcorn for your kids, you can just refill it every time they need more. What’s better than saving money while also preoccupying your kids for a nice day at the films? If you’re able to keep the costs under 20 or 25 bucks, you’ve definitely mastered the art of rainy day plans. And since you’ll be saving each time you go, you’ll be able to take your kids more often. Our suggestion is to keep it to once a month max just so the special feeling doesn’t go away from overexposure.