Christmas Candy Boxes for Your Holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….for eating yummy treats and goodies! Christmas time is an acceptable time for you to binge out and have all types of sweet treats. Since you’re so busy devouring the goodies yourself, you may forget that sweets also make for great gifts! This is the perfect time to pick out a beautifully decorated candy box that you can gift a loved one. A top gift to think about this year is a personally designed, decorative box that holds any type of candy you can think of. Here are the recommended types of boxes that usually work the best as gifts.

Box 1: Pure Chocolate

Everyone has a chocolate lover in their life. While most people assume that women love chocolate the most, a high majority of men also say that they prefer to receive and eat chocolate if they have to choose a candy. So you really cannot go wrong when getting a chocolate box for someone, as they are sure to like it! When thinking about a box to put together, usually assortments work best.


Put together a mix of dark, white, and milk chocolate. If you want to go even more crazy, a huge hit is the sea salt and caramel chocolate, mint chocolate, or even some peppermint bark for the holidays! These types of candy boxes are easy to ship too, since it’s cold out, the chocolate should not melt like it would in the summer so you can rest easy knowing that the sweets will make it there in one piece!


Box 2: Christmas Candy

This box is for that Christmas lover in your life, you know, the one who loves a candy cane in their hot chocolate and who love munching on some peppermint bark next to the floor while listening to a Christmas carol. The fun part about this type of box is that you can be creative and express yourself as you put this together. Before starting, go look for other types of Christmas candy and see what unique types are out there!

Hershey kisses are a really popular candy this time of the year and Hershey even make a peppermint bark kiss that you can add in. Or you can find some reindeer shaped animal crackers or elf dots to make this box a true Christmas special. The fun part about these candy boxes too is that you can decorate the outside with red and white or snowflakes and christmas trees and make the box look beautiful.

This article probably put you in the mood to grab a handful of Christmas Mm&s, but the hope is that you can start thinking of how to turn a candy obsession into a beautiful box that will be the talk of your Christmas morning this year.